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The Streets of San Francisco
Photography and art of San Francisco
Photography and art of San Francisco


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Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco!

An early evening look at one of the entrances to Ghirardelli Square, a landmark public square with shops and restaurants in San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood. On the left, you can see the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

+The Streets of San Francisco #ghirardellisquare #ghirardelli #fishermanswharf #cityscape #sanfranciscophotography #california #sfbayarea #bayarea #sanfrancisco #sf #traveltuesday #keepexploring #handsfree #throughglass

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The Shadow of Surveillance
San Francisco, CA, US

Man, these things are everywhere.  Taking pictures of you.   I figured it must be fair game to take pictures back!

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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco!

My friend April returned home with me from San Diego Comic-Con for a week-long visit. On her last day in SF, we went to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse to taste their acclaimed pastries including their famous cruffins... Despite the line and wait, they were sooo worth it!

+The Streets of San Francisco #mrholmesbakehouse #cruffin #cruffins #cityscape #sanfranciscophotography #california #sfbayarea #bayarea #sanfrancisco #sf #traveltuesday #keepexploring #throughglass

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Walking +The Streets of San Francisco I see this "great" scene, but what's with the cables? Unless the Love of your Life is thin and looks like a cable, you wouldn't like this at all! In Spain at least it's all organized but this is a crazy maze of a mess!!! sigh  if only those cables weren't there,  but my #Samsung #SSG #S4 was available to record the moment as always!

#NorthBeach #CoitTower #SF #SanFrancisco #ONLYinSanFrancisco #cellPhotography #StreetsofSanFrancisco #cellpixs +Cableicous

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Wait For It
When I am out somewhere...  ANYwhere.....  I am usually the only one there but soon there are others, mostly visitors. I'll advise them to stay for the sunset, the clouds, or that Golden Hour I enjoy so much. Some look at me like I am crazy and move away quickly. Others actually seem to stay but sneak away when they think I am not looking (I see you leave!). But a few actually do stay and I can later see, and am more than happy when they see whatever it is and it is fabTasTic for them and  myself. I am a weather-guesser and love weather of all types, though after three months of high winds I am tired of that!

Sometimes the good stuff is just something one has to wait for......  and well-worth it!

"...when the lights come on in the City...."

#GoldenGateBridge #puentedeGoldenGate #SFbayArea #SF #SanFrancisco #SFbay #NorthBeach #CoitTower #theBlueHour #TelegraphHill #SanFranciscoBayBridge +SF Tourism Tips +The Streets of San Francisco +Golden Gate Bridge Visit 

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Other than resizing and cropping, nothing has been edited or retouched in these two pixs. The first is the original scene of the Moon handheld in gusty conditions snapped last night after the sunset, and the other is CROPPED to see the Moon better, but look at that: not too much of a loss of details in the image though cropped! This newer lens is giving me outstanding results!! It's a Canon EFS 18-135 replacing my same lens that was stolen last December.

Are you visiting San Francisco or planning a visit? Please be CAREFUL with your photo gear while here. Another online report of a theft.

Captured at max zoom of 135mm, with settings of iso800 f/9 at 1/400th shutter speed. Snap the pix where YOU are, post it and share with us, please!!!

#lookUP  #Luna #moon #heavyLens #handheld #laLuna #lookUP #nightSky #shootingTHEmoon #craters +SF Tourism Tips  #laLuna  +The Streets of San Francisco 
SOL & Luna: Rise and Set and anytime between
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Edward, not Dennis

Probably one of my favorite series of pictures I've done in a long time (aside from catching Pence's grand slam on the 10th!). This shot was serendipitous, too. I was sitting on BART playing with camera settings because I wanted to get some blur shots. I was doing some practice snaps just to be sure I liked the light levels when the train started to move. So I held the camera to my eye and fired off a few. I absolutely love the blur of the other train through the window! I'm blown away by how clear the train seat is for handheld at 1/10!

I have 3 processings of this that I love and can't decide which I like best.

This one was likened to a Hopper painting (Edward, not Dennis) ;-) by a respected member of the G+ community. I was thrilled!! In this one, I like the light and tone. To me, it has a dusty, hopeful anticipation of days gone by.

For +MOJITO ART FRIDAY with +andi rivarola and guest +Julianne Bockius
and this week's theme of "moody".

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