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The Streets of San Francisco
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From the Exploratorium, by +Justin Chung 

Exploratorium Thursday Nights!

I had fun last night at Thursday Nights, a series of adults-only nighttime events hosted by the +Exploratorium -- a really amazing science and technology museum in San Francisco.

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Thanks for sharing this! A lot of fun sights inside the Exploratorium, I think it's a great place to visit for photographers!
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Fantastic night shot by +Maximilian Laue 

Winding Drive

This Image was made a few weeks back during a walk around Coit Tower after sunset. The best way to capture it was strait on, which meant I stood in the road (middle of the road) ;) I was there for a few hours as it took a second (long second) to figure out the right amount of time needed as well as traffic consistency. During this time a  crowd had gathered around me wanting to see my camera screen and so it took even longer and I missed my last Bart and had to take a expensive Taxi ride home.  

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Thank you very much +The Streets of San Francisco
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Awesome shot by +Liz C 

Mojito Art Friday
Money, Honey

What, a boring intersection?
This area south of Market Street contains a main transit terminal, and for so many years was dark, dingy, and depressing, surrounded by empty lots. I was so startled to see this same corner transformed!

I was amazed to see so much light and palm trees, and cranes signaling new construction in the area. With perfect spring weather on Tuesday, I couldn't help but snap :-)

+The Streets of San Francisco  #thestreetsofsanfrancisco AND
+MOJITO ART FRIDAY curated by  +andi rivarola #mojitoartfriday
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I enjoyed when we was there
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Lombard Street as we know it, by +Shari Seibold 

streets of her dreams

December 2013 with +David Seibold in San Francisco, CA. View from atop Lombard Street.

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We all know where... for #thestreetsofsanfrancisco  
My contribution to this week's theme: LIFE IS SWEET on +MOJITO ART FRIDAY 

Life is definitely sweeter in both ways, when in the City by the Bay, enjoying its many fine streets, and also when visiting Ghirardelli's old Chocolate factory and sampling a new flavor -- for me dark chocolate is always best. The image was just from a drive by but the feeling was still there, inspired by the location. Happy Friday.

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Amazing POV on this shot by +Ronny Lübke 

passing the "Golden Gate Bridge" in San Francisco.
View from MV"Hongkong Senator".

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Photography and art of San Francisco
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