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Commercial/Lifestyle photographer

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Hello Google world, haven't seen you guys in a while. You all look beautiful I must say. 

It's a Shins "Australia" type of morning 

Upper West Side bound this morning. Finding parking up here is really easy this early.

Anyone that loves TOMS should fill out this 3 min. Survey..

Headed to Short Hills mall today in Jersey. I have to hit up their polo store.

Salaam Remi was being interviewed on the Joy Behar show about Amy Winehouse. I agreed with everything he said. It's so sad that people will focus more on her drug abuse rather than her talent. When someone dies from cancer, you don't talk about how its their fault for not trying all options to cure it. You talk about what a good person they were. Addiction is a disease point blank.

Dallas Green. You are a true inspiration.

"God set out and the Devil done gone".......#TrueBlood

Ok Google+ your starting to freak me out. Whats with all of these 40-50 yr old guys asking to be my friend? Do I have a photo of a 14 yr old girl in my Avatar?? I think not.

And NO rappers...this does not make it cool for you to use Amy's death as just "something to rhyme with". It was never cool. Especially the over use of Kurt Cobain lines. That shit is old....yes Fab and everyone else.
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