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FACE BEAT | Miss Fab
I just had to do another look with my KinkLashes. This time, 'Miss Fab' was the belle of the ball, and what a beautiful belle she was! KinkLashes are bae! I dream about 'Pepper dem' and 'Mama di mama' sometimes loool . So i went for a look that wasn't so ...

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SWISSGOLDEN | How it works
Yes, Swissgolden posts will be a regular thing around here for now, since it's a business i've invested into and would like to carry some of you along with me as well. In this post, i would explain in clear terms how the bonus program works..... While some ...

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FACE BEAT | Miss Saucy
I broke my record today..... After doing my makeup, i took only 8 pictures under one minute. That's a first! Normally, i take about 50 pictures under 30 minutes looool! . Well, today, i didn't have that time because i was already running late for a party ...

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Show 'n Tell | Luxury Mink Lashes by KinkLash
So on Monday, Kink Lash launched their own brand of  Luxury faux mink lashes & Luxury mink lashes. Beauty Kink (the online store) is also the brains behind Kink Lash for the benefit of those who don't already know . I was sent 3 of their lashes this after...

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I don't feel like making any excuses or explaining anything, so try and pretend like the last time you read from me was 3 days ago. Are we good? Ok then. For this look, i used a lot of products from Zaron Cosmetics. This particular day, i did not want to be...

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Zaron giveaway
I hope you are having a lovely sunday... So i received a huge box of goodies from Zaron Cosmetics some weeks ago.....there were soooo many products inside. Yesterday, i announced a giveaway on Instagram.....all Zaron products. Go check my page for details a...

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SWISSGOLDEN | Be the best...have the best.
Some big companies pay millions of Euros and Dollars to advertising companies to put their products out there and help them sell. Some other companies prefer to pay the millions to people like you and me to help them do the advertising and introduce new cli...

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