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Tunbosun Ayinla

Is it possible to center a button.

Please how can I achieve a full width layout using Gumby framework

Do I need gumby js file for the responsive menu to work?

\m using gumby framework in a WordPress theme but the problem is that the site doesn't display in Android browser or on Safari on ipad or iphone. Pls what can be the issue. The site in question is

I would like to know if it is possible to center a button in the middle, float it to the right or the left and still retain the centering and floating on different breakpoints

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GumbyPress a GumbyFramework inspired WordPress starter theme has been updated to support the latest Gumby Framework release (2.4.0). View it on Github 

I want to make the width of a row 100% of the available screen size.
That means if i apply a background color, it should take 100% of the screen size.

I want to set a background color for the body and the container, but the problem is that the background that I set for the body overshadow that of the container.  
For example I want my body to have a black background and my container to have white background. But it doesnt work it is the black background that is applied to the site.
body{background: #000; }
.container(background: #fff;}
While exploring the dom is noticed that the container has a width of 100%.
Please how can i do this?

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Hi everyone, for those of you that want to use Gumby Framework in a WordPress theme, kindly download a starter theme based on Gumby Framework below.
Note that it is a work in progress but all necessary files have been added to the theme. Jut hack it and create something nice out of it.
Contributions are accepted.

NOTE: This is my first GitHub repo, am just getting used to it.

Saw a tweet that Gumby v 2.3.0 is released, but it seems the changes havent been reflected on the GitHub repo. 
Where can i see a list of changes in the latest version.
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