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Mercury Draconis
I <3 Voodoo
I <3 Voodoo

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This is not what I want to take measurements, Who can fire ?
image via runt on the web

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"I need to bring up some basic sh*t--  why did you name your company after your d*ck?"

I.... can't.... stop watching.... Epic Rap Battles...

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Happy (insert holiday here, or day of the week if there isn't one you celebrate)!

Online dating is easier than I thought!

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Skyrim players, you will laugh at this. Non-players, you will be so confused.
Personally, I'm the holder of over 200 tomatoes.

If you are reading this, add me! I needz friends...

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This is fucking hilarious! I want this as a poster.

I started following @toptweets on Twitter and decided to illustrate my findings.
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