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Nirdesh Singh
Let's connect at for collaboration and promotion. My interests are mainly history and heritage with sprinkling of people, nature and culture
Let's connect at for collaboration and promotion. My interests are mainly history and heritage with sprinkling of people, nature and culture

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Anandpur Sahib – The Haven of Bliss
series of shimmering steel bridges set among green paddy fields and blue skies
seem to be leading you straight to heaven. This is exactly what Guru Tegh
Bahadur was seeking as he tried to create his own piece of solitude away from
plotting masands and con...

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Trippingg Down the Memory Lane - Village Tripps
My father was born into a
farmer’s family and before him his father. We belong to a farming community. We
have always been tilling our lands. In the past, along with farming, we also fought
with the assorted rulers ranging from Razia Sultan to the Mughals a...

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Anegundi – Journey into Kishkindha, the Monkey Kingdom
There are two ways of getting to
Anegundi. One is by motorized boat that takes you from Hampi end of Tungabhadra
just beyond the Vijaynagar toll gate of Talarighatta to the northern bank at
Talvar Gatta in Anegundi. If you are more adventurous, then a white...

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In Search of the Elusive Nirvana – Beach Hopping in India
To a geologist, a beach is a narrow and sloping strip of land along the edge of sea covered with sand, pebbles and remains of sea shells. To a traveller like you from North India, who saw the sea for the first time in your twenties, the meaning of beach is ...

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Khichan - Kumbh Mela of Demoiselle Cranes
birds seem to have been waiting for you all morning. You have been advised to
come here early in the morning for the congregation. But Khichan is in middle
of nowhere and so justifiably you arrive here in the middle of the day. The
action is supposed to...

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Winter Surprises - Explore the Misty Layers of Delhi
season gives us a different reason to love Delhi. On a winter morning as the
fog rolls in even the adorably brash and unruly Delhiites go quiet and
contemplative on their commute to offices. Later the soft glow of the afternoon
wraps you intimately in...

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A Tour of Historic Anegundi - A Photo Essay
the self-effacing village lies across the scenic Tungabhadra River from the
famous Hampi. It was here that the story of the mighty Vijaynagar Empire began
and whose evocative ruins in Hampi attracts people from across the world.
Anegundi where lar...

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The Smoking Statue of Jodhpur - Incredible India
A gentleman dressed in a suit has clambered up the platform next to this stately
statue. The garlanded statue is resplendent in military regalia and a billowing
robe. The gentleman lights up a cigarette and holds – yes, it is unbelievable
but true – the lig...

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The Ephemeral Cheery Cherry Blossoms
Kohima Delight: Of Cherry Blossoms at Catholic Cathedral “Are
these Cherry Blossoms?” I blurt out to nobody in general. The pink jewel like
flowers adorning the branches of this tall tree have left me stunned.
Transfixed to the spot, I stand with my mouth a...

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Sanapur Lake - A Visual Wonderland
The incredible pre-historic
art of Onake Kindi is still playing in your mind as we make our way through
paddy fields and banana orchards. The setting sun has doused the loose boulder
hills with gold in Anegundi. Muniswamy, your guide and driver for the day,...
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