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Matt White (Mattari)
Gamer, Otaku, Web Designer, Computer IT, Artist and Musician.
Gamer, Otaku, Web Designer, Computer IT, Artist and Musician.

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This review seems rather unrealistic. First off, most internet users have used peer-to-peer multiple times before; it's not a bad thing and this is the only real way you would accomplish cloud processing using separate PC units like they are doing. The only way it would work is to use a program, so I'm not sure why you were expecting it to work any other way. When they utilize your "CPU," it means Central Processing Unit, not "Computer." It uses the processing power of your computer to handle small tasks.
Given the proper research before signing up, this can be a safe thing. There is absolutely no reason to go paranoid about it unless there's more solid evidence and reasoning to.
Granted, the concept can sound sketchy, but again if you do your homework enough, you'll know whether it is a valid idea or not. Lastly, if you want more confidence in the company, it would help to email them. A proper company would reply and not just "sit on the internet."

Just finished episode 8 of Infinite Stratos and my face was stuck in a confused smirk of "wtf" for nearly 2 minutes straight.. I'm not even sure what just happened.. So far, an awesome anime, but worth starting from episode 1 to understand everything.

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Could anyone recommend a good dubbed anime? I recently watched and liked: Shuffle!, Ah! My Goddess, Fairy Tail, Sekirei, The Familiar of Zero, Angel Beats, and Code Geass. I would appreciate any and all recommendations, and here's my watched anime list:
Arigatougozaimasu! (^_^)/

Hey guys, what's up? =)

Just thought I'd make a nice little place for fellow otaku to relax and chat.. =D

I know, I'm just the black sheep of Google+, hehe..

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Okay, I couldn't resist.. Everyone, you just lost. ;P

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Freakin' LOVE Fairy Tail! xD
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