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Danette Vigilante
I like to laugh 'till I snort.
I like to laugh 'till I snort.

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I tried like heck to hold back my New Yawk City accent. Ack! Did I succeed? You be the judge! :)

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The Setting is Personal by Danette Vigilante
It might come as no surprise that my two books, The Trouble
with Half a Moon and Saving Baby Doe, take place in a public housing project
since I grew up in one. It feels a tiny bit like cheating, but I had my
reasons. Sometimes growing up in public housing ...

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Things I loved (and hated) About my Childhood Summers by Danette Vigilante
Loved: Camping! Not so much: the smell of a wet tent, toasting
marshmallows (I know!) Loved: Spending time on my uncle’s boat! Not so much:
swimming (I know!) Loved: The fourth of July! Not so much: fireworks (I know!) Loved: Coney Island! Not so much: roll...

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Saving Myself from the Flames by Danette Vigilante
Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! That’s what my author brain screams when  I've  had too much worry (are my book babies okay out there in the world?), emotional digging (building believable characters), and yardstick measuring (who am I kidding, I don’t measure u...

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Here's a glimpse of what THE TROUBLE WITH HALF MOON is about.

April Showers by Danette Vigilante
each drop of rain a bucket fills, the tide rises, flowers sprout. With
each word, and every sentence, so too, does a story and character grow. A
story blooms, worlds created, hearts filled, friends made. A storm
rolls in fierce and strong— a story told...

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This is beautiful.

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Party Like Never Before!
For years leading up to the
publication of my first book, THE TROUBLE WITH HALF A MOON, I had dreams of the
fabulous launch party I was going to have. These dreams were put together in my
head from start to finish: who I’d invite, how I’d thank everyone for...
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