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The better I know someone, the shorter the time between the first draft of a communiqué and me saying 'fuck it' and hitting send.

As such, I can categorise acquaintances by the number of drafts.

This metric makes me happy, and a bit of a loser.

As a side note, this was a public domain post, and needed about 7 drafts over 14 minutes… fuck it.
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Think of all the time you've spent redrafting, and then think about how much it'd actually matter if you accidentally offended someone you know.

A simple cost-benefit analysis will tell you that you might as well say the first shit that comes to mind, as most people are reasonably OK with reading gibberish, and find it to be quite entertaining.

But then to be fair, I did just use the phrase 'cost-benefit analysis' on a social network, which makes me an arsehole.

I probably should have redrafted this.
Tom Lea
I feel bad for laughing quite as hard as I did at that. (1 draft, someone said cunt, all bets are off). 
Yes, it is hilarious. Even more hilarious when you know that I am actually a cunt, so this 'Neil' character is obviously quite perceptive.
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