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Citizen dialog for transparent process
Citizen dialog for transparent process

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Here are videos from Monday morning’s Work Session.
They already met again to vote this evening.
See also the
previous Planning Commission agenda
with the packet materials obtained by LAKE for the

Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) condition changes,


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The county government is less clear about animals than it asks citizens to be.
Tonight the Lowndes County Democratic Party is doing what the county has never done: holding a public forum on animal rights.
Apparently there are some human rights involved, too, given recent allegations of a...

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A month ago, nobody on the County Commission or staff
knew how much the extra equipment might cost for the

three Sheriff’s pursuit vehicles,
but they awarded the bid to Langdale Ford anyway.
The automobile dealer on the Commission did have some computations
on why the higher...

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This morning at 8:30 AM, then for voting Tuesday evening at 5:30 PM,

Withlacoochee Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) condition changes,

Moody Activities Zones (MAZ) changes to the ULDC,

Orchard at Tillman Crossing
from the
previous Planning Commission...

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A local elected official recently confused “crisis” with “important”.

Yet a crisis is something that is both urgent and important,
and if we spend more time on things that are important and not urgent,
such as planning, we won’t have as many...

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Solar PV, onshore wind, electric vehicles, and LED lighting will win for all of us and profit in the next five years, says Goldman Sachs, which just put $150 billion of its own money where its mouth is.
How about you, world leaders gathered in Paris?

Chris Martin, BloombergBusiness, 30...

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The mysterious missing materials from Monday’s Planning Commission meeting
on the LAKE website now,
thanks to Lowndes County Planner Jason Davenport, by electronic mail today, 3 December 2015.

He explained that this requested zoning, REZ-2015-20, was a followon...

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Still invisible: the change to Valdosta’s

Withlacoochee River Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Documents related to all the other items are

inked into the agenda in a previous post.

Moody AFB speaking about proposed Lowndes County MAZ ULDC text amendments

Call to...

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County Planner Jason Davenport sent email to the Planning Commission
yesterday noon before their evening meeting:

In light of the comments from the Chamber of Commerce from last week
related to TXT-2015-01 I have prepared a document that helps show the
amendments and...

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Within hours in response to an open records request she took over the telephone,

Valdosta City Clerk Teresa Bolden sent PDF of the packet materials for the
six Valdosta items for tonight’s GLPC meeting, at no charge,
including all the maps.
See below those six Valdosta items...
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