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Wayne Gibbons
Lecturer in a range of construction-related modules in GMIT, Galway
Lecturer in a range of construction-related modules in GMIT, Galway


Hi. Any thoughts on the 2 new "PLC" tracks that John Coghlan announced recently? Seems like Rick, Alan and John were working on a side project, with Rossi's blessing. Looking forward to hearing them? Reckon Rossi will get on board now to do some lead work on it as a tribute to Rick???

Thanks for the add. I left Facebook today, so it's great to have a Quo group on here to join. Been a Quo fan since I was 8 years old, back in 1983. Seen them a good few times live since 1990, but the highlight was getting a backstage pass to meet the band in 2007.

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Anyone else getting this? Blank button for one of the notification quick actions in the Mail app.
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Anyone here using digital badges in moodle?

I'm running iOS 9 public beta 2, and there's one feature that I can't get to work, which I'm positive was there in iOS8.4.........Bulk empty the trash folder in the mail app.

I used to be able to go into Mail, hit the trash folder, click edit, select all, and empty the trash (with an "are you sure you want to permanently delete these mails" type confirmation button).

Is this just a beta thing, or has something else changed? Or am I just a bit thick and missing something simple in the settings?

Newbie questions alert! Is converting to Linux worth it? I just bought an Acer CB3-111, and so far I like it. No real shortcomings that I can see, apart from no Skype video support. I'm reasonably tech-savvy and after looking at a few tutorials, I reckon I'd be able to do tech stuff to convert to Linux using crouton. There are so many different distros, though, so is there a consensus on which runs and looks best on a CB? Does the conversion leave any issues with hardware compatibility? Any impact on performance or battery life? Is it really worth it?

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Newbie question: how do I get my desktop to look something like this? The only thing I seem to be able to get on the desktop is the shelf on the bottom. I'd like to have app shortcuts on the main screen if possible.

Great to see Rudai23 on G+

So I went back to stock ROM and recovery yesterday after about 6 months of custom ROMs. My M7 is completely stock now, back to basics! The stock ROM I used for the restore (mine is a 401 variant) is on Android 4.4.3, and I believe that by going back to stock recovery, I should now be able to get OTA updates from HTC. Is that correct? If that's the case, is 4.4.3 the latest version they've done for the M7? I was expecting to see a 4.4.4 system update ready for download after booting up, but the system update screen is saying I've got the latest version. Is 4.4.3 the latest for the M7 right now?

Hi there. I used iOS for 3 years, then in the last few years I've been an android user. Seriously thinking of going to iPhone 6 for my next upgrade. I have a HTC M7 at the moment. The 2 things drawing me back to iOS are the better camera and the service you get from Apple if you need warranty work done. My question is to anyone here that recently switched from android to iPhone 6. How has it been? Do you miss anything from android? Are you happy with your decision or is there anything about changing that you regret? I'm familiar enough with how both OSes work, so I don't intend this to turn into an "us versus them" thread. Both OSes have strengths and flaws, but I'm hoping the views of a recent convert might help me decide.
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