This weekend, I manged to migrate the content – a decade's worth – from my old blogging system, powered by Typo and Ruby on Rails, to my new blogging system, powered by Hakyll. The blog is back online, though in a bare-bones form that lacks comments.

Exporting the posts and converting them from Typo-flavored Textile to Pandoc-flavored Markdown markup was most of the work. There were a lot of little things that Pandoc's automatic translation missed and that I had to correct with workarounds in my export tool. The rest I had to fix by hand. But I think I've got the bulk of the posts in pretty good shape now, so I'm hitting the ON switch.

Thanks to all who provided suggestions earlier about my blog move.

Next: what to do about commenting? The old blog had a ton of comments that are still valuable. I'd like to migrate them to whatever solution I end up going with. Disqus and LiveFyre look reasonable, but I wish Google would hurry up and unveil its rumored public-commenting solution. I'd love to be able to put a Google+ thread into each post.
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