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I like games and art.
I like games and art.

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Have some badly drawn heroes or villains for your next supers game

Starting scenario for a hex crawl maybe

Players create characters, then swap character sheets with each other (don't tell them before hand).

Their characters wake up, their bodies have been swapped. Little Sally halfling is now a male dwarven fighter. Macho Dave the barbarian is stuck in Sally's body. So on...

They need to find each other and/or the person who did this to them.

It was a wizard in his magical tower, located in the starting city (all the players start there also). He tells them that they need a special potion he can provide them or the change becomes permanent. They need this potion every few weeks. He wants them to gather treasure for him so he can fund an army to support his political ambitions. After the group has given him 5000g(?) per player he will return them to their rightful bodies.

If one of the host bodies dies, the character inhabiting that body dies. That character's actual body dies also. This can lead to a domino effect, very easily becoming a TPK. 

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Have been looking through the Folio Society books, and while they seem keen to make their books beautiful, have been pretty disappointed for the most part. They seem to hold a boring is beautiful view. Thankfully some of their books must have gotten through when the art director or whoever was away on holiday.

One of the illustrators of interest:

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Crap waiting room phone sketch, for +Paolo Greco​

Name: Oswald Hitheryon
Personality: Arrogant, Chirpy
Appearance: White wild hair

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 9
Will: 13

HP: 3

-Swashbuckler (d8)

-Gleaming Halberd (d8)
-Morning Star (d8)

-3 Rations
-50' rope
-5 sp

Osald is an old rogue who loves to be the center of attention. Spends ages each morning on his hair to make it look like he doesn't care about his hair.


I'm not really a game designer, but I have a couple freebie games at the moment which can be found on one of my much neglected blogs please feel free to download and play/critique etc, there isn't much new in them though.

I also draw stuff.
I drew the pictures and cover for +David McGrogan​'s really excellent Yoon-Suin setting book.

I am also working on a game/setting tentatively called Green is the Colour (Arthurian England jammed into a generation spaceship alongside power-suited bunnies, spider-people, evil elves and dwarves, and a interdimensional fungus-cop chasing Merlin).

Also working on a horrible Sodor setting for +Chris McDowall​'s Into the Odd

And also a few other things, and all in a very disorganized fashion.

Edit: and yeah, i have a tumblr

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a snail djinni or something, feel free to rip into it.

As per a previous conversation, I would like to put something up here that gives people looking to hire illustrators or designers a guide to rates

My very rough thoughts: an average per hour guide, and an average per size/color guide, a link to an easy to use template contract...

The guide is not to determine what people charge individually, just something to help remove some...nervousness...others feel about the whole process.

So, a very rough example of what we might put up (please note I have no idea what to charge, and I don't think charging per hour works for me):

A guide for potential clients

This is to provide a quick guide for potential clients looking to hire illustrators or designers. It is a rough guide only, as some artists will charge more, and others less.

There is also a link to a template contract:

It is reasonable to expect to be charged:

$20 per hour plus an extra $5 per hour for color.


$60 for A6 |
$120 for A5 } + $20 for colour.
$240 for A4. |

Also a general call out for people to do a logo for Demogorgon. You won't  get paid. Your logo will not be the only logo used. It will get changed on a daily or weekly or monthly or yearly basis (depending on how many people put one in). But it will get used. Project Sponsors might slap it on the front of the magazine. There are no restrictions. It can be literal, it can be a stain, it can be a photo of your mum or dad or sibling...probably your mum...
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