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Matthew Adams
I like games and art.
I like games and art.

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ok, running into the odd for yoon suin, who has done the hard work and statted up stuff?

ok, so, I think this community could be really good but it has a major stumbling block, and that is me. Anyone who thinks they have the skillz let me now, I will hand over to them.

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Leon Thomas

Name Leon Thomas
Rank Cadet
Position Security
Background/Species Starfleet Security was the understandable choice for young Thomas, as his parents were both LTs in Security. Lately though his heart hasn't really been in it. His superiors are becoming aware of his lack of zeal. Unsure of his future with Starfleet and what he wants to do, when not on duty he often retreats to his room to read. Average in aptitude (for Starfleet), he is also average in looks (for human), of normal height, blond hair, grey eyes.

I have only just joined this community, and plan to run Into the Odd for some friends soon.

I'm looking for:

•Starting equipment lists, like in the book, but more of them. More and more and more. Can't get enough of them.
•Arcana lists with descriptions.
•Monster list with descriptions that people have deliberately created for ItO
•Some ideas on how to implement races into ItO

It won't be set in Bastion (though this wont matter too much), but my own setting of a distant future dying earth city called Morgothia. No humans except the degenerate mutants remnants crawling far underneath. Instead there will be Porcine (pig humanoids), Furkin (ratling or mousling types), and Spiderkin (spiderish humanoids with anatomically correct web spinning).

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Have some badly drawn heroes or villains for your next supers game
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Starting scenario for a hex crawl maybe

Players create characters, then swap character sheets with each other (don't tell them before hand).

Their characters wake up, their bodies have been swapped. Little Sally halfling is now a male dwarven fighter. Macho Dave the barbarian is stuck in Sally's body. So on...

They need to find each other and/or the person who did this to them.

It was a wizard in his magical tower, located in the starting city (all the players start there also). He tells them that they need a special potion he can provide them or the change becomes permanent. They need this potion every few weeks. He wants them to gather treasure for him so he can fund an army to support his political ambitions. After the group has given him 5000g(?) per player he will return them to their rightful bodies.

If one of the host bodies dies, the character inhabiting that body dies. That character's actual body dies also. This can lead to a domino effect, very easily becoming a TPK.
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Have been looking through the Folio Society books, and while they seem keen to make their books beautiful, have been pretty disappointed for the most part. They seem to hold a boring is beautiful view. Thankfully some of their books must have gotten through when the art director or whoever was away on holiday.

One of the illustrators of interest:
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Crap waiting room phone sketch, for +Paolo Greco
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