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Using Video is a great way to visualise what you do as a company. It can also be used to create training manuals and how to's in a simple and graphical way. Videos can be paused, which makes it ideal for if you want to make notes or follow instructions as they happen.

Videos on YouTube and other Video platforms can be optimised for search, and because YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google, it makes perfect sense that your business should have a video presence there.

YouTube users are not worried if your video is created using a mobile phone, but we would always recommend using a tripod for stability if you go down the DIY route, but you can have a simple video like ours complete with a voice over for a relatively small cost, and for most business owners, having something a little more professional is very important.

How can videos help a business grow?

Click here to find out:

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Google AdWords is the world’s largest online advertising programme and gives you access to millions of UK users who are actively looking for what you’re selling.

Simply put, when people are searching for your products and services, Pay per Click Advertising (PPC) puts your advert in front of those people. If they click on your advert, you pay a small fee.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple right? We have seen many companies spend a fortune on clicks that are just not suitable for their products or services. Because of this, their costs are increased, and their clicks do not convert into sales or leads.

Why PPC especially for mobile phones?

Google tells us that Mobile PPC is the way forward, and it makes perfect sense if you have ever used your mobile phone for any search on Google.

A PPC Advert will appear at the top of a search page, and because of the smaller screen sizes, this is often all that can be seen.

So if your business is consumable, and therefore more likely to be searched using a mobile device, then PPC is really the way forward in marketing your business on the web.

If you need any help, or would simply like a conversation about Paid Advertising on Google, then please feel free to make contact.

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You wouldn't leave your unattended office door unlocked - so why your website?

Website security is really important to all businesses who offer a product or service online. After all, you wouldn’t go out and leave your unattended physical shop or office door unlocked, so why do the same for your website?

Cyber security is always in the news, and specialist insurance companies offer cyber insurance to mitigate loss if you are unfortunate enough to gave your data (or other) stolen. In fact only today the BBC stated that “Nearly six million fraud and cyber crimes last year, ONS says“.

“Almost six million fraud and cyber crimes were committed last year in England and Wales, the Office for National Statistics has said. It estimated there were two million computer misuse offences and 3.8 million fraud offences in the 12 months to the end of March.”

“Of the two million computer misuse incidents, 1.4 million involved a computer or internet-enabled device being infected with a

virus. The remaining 0.6 million crimes related to “unauthorised access to personal information” – such as hacking.”

If your website is hacked, you run a risk of data being misused or stolen, but also your website may need to be taken offline to be repaired, or may infect your website visitors, spreading any malicious virus that may have been added to your website.

Often these malicious viruses (called Malware) are not visible, and carry on unawares, spreading around your unprotected web visitors.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your website from such attacks wherever possible.

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7 ways to use video marketing for business: 

There are a number of ways Video Marketing can be used to help your business grow online, and remember videos can also be a part of your offline marketing too.

Video Optimisation

A video, playlist and YouTube Channel can be optimised for search. Optimising your video will help your company be found online in more places than just your website.

Social Media

Videos can be used on various Social Media Platforms to enhance your online presence. For example, adding a video on Facebook will make you stand out in the news feeds as compared with a standard text post.

Email Marketing

Videos can be used in an email to help engage on the page. Using good email marketing software can also track the openings giving your business the opportunity to make a warm follow up call.

Paid Adverts on YouTube

The cost of advertising on YouTube is less than a standard text advert and can really boost company branding too if done right.


Using a video at Exhibitions is more likely to attract people to your stand. You can compliment this with other traditional marketing methods like brochures and business cards too.

Video Books

Did you know you can use videos within a brochure? A memorable leave behind that can be re-charged and new videos added when they are updated. Again, these look good at an exhibition too.

Company Presentations

Why stick to boring PowerPoint Presentations, add a video for a little more show. These can be used as a standalone presentation, or embedded into an existing presentation to make a little more impact.

If you wish to discuss how we can help you create low cost videos and combine these with any or all of the above services, then please do not hesitate to contact either or Northamptonshire Marketing office or our Cheshire Marketing Office.

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We have Moved - After many years at the Northampton Science Park, M3SM decided that they needed a different style of space that suited their needs as a business a little better. A space that had a better training area and better catering and parking facilities. This space is 1 Skyways House, a retro building dating back to the 1930's. 

Read more here:

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Last week M3SM became official Google Partners... 
M3SM Google Partner
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If you are considering a mobile or responsive website, we are here to tell you to STOP CONSIDERING and DO IT! 

Firstly, Google likes websites that can be shown across all platforms and all screen sizes, and offer a mobile site checker to make sure your web pages are OK to show, and even give you details on how to fix any issues. 

Secondly, we have been monitoring traffic on all our client websites, and guess what... the traffic coming in from a mobile device is increasing! 

The image shows a typical website real-time statistics, and you can clearly see that visitors using a mobile device are more than desktop or even tablet. 

With improvements on NFC meaning that payments made from a mobile device will be more secure (if your credit card is stolen you may not notice for days, but if your phone is stolen, you will notice this fairly quickly and can get the phone stopped - meaning potentially a pay by phone system using NFC technology may even be safer; just an opinion, not fact), then mobile phones will be used more widely even for e-Commerce sites. 

If your website is not mobile friendly, make sue you upgrade NOW!

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It's always good to look back over your shoulder to see just how far you have come. 

When thinking back to how you developed your website, most people would agree that they choose the look and feel (design) of the website based around their company logo and branding, and how they thought it should look. 

Thought may have been put into what pages should be on the website, and even down to where those pages should sit, so that their website visitors can find things more easily. 

The question we would like to ask is "did you survey the opinions of your clients (and clients can come in many forms) BEFORE you started the process?"

We often find that the simplest way to help companies gain more business through their website is to not only work on directing relevant traffic to their website, but to delve into various forms of analytical data to see what website visitors really think about a website, and tweaking the site to suit their needs based on data fact.

Conversion Architecture is the art of understanding Online User Behaviour and adapting that knowledge into a web testing and measuring strategy that will enhance the user experience and therefore help close more deals. 

Of course, looking back, we can learn that your next website should include a little bit of feedback from your web visitors and clients BEFORE you create the design.

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@Devon_Malcolm International XI take on @BrixworthCC Northamptonshire #DevonMalcolm

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On this mornings BBC Breakfast, they discussed online reviews and how some business owners were exploiting the system by cherry picking good reviews or even faking then.

This blog post shows you how to spot fake reviews online. 
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