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People who live in deeply religious regions of the country — the solid-red states of the Bible Belt and Utah — give more of their income to charity than those who don't. More here:

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Thomas Edison said "Sleep is a criminal waste of time, inherited from our cave days." Sleep is important, part of our live, if we live to age 90...then 32 years of your life would have been sleeping. "Enjoy the honey heavy due of slumber" - Shakespeare's Julius Caesar #sleep  

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In the last week of 1998, beginning the day before Christmas, severe ice storms tested the commitment, strength and ability of our front-line people. Ice broke down an uncountable number of trees, limbs and power lines. More than 440,000 homes and businesses lost power-thousands in need of individual attention. There is no computer known to man that is capable of pulling ice-laden debris off a downed power line, maneuvering a truck or a ladder to restore the wire and hooking it up safely, night or day.Every available Virginia Power crew worked a grueling schedule of restoration, beginning on Christmas Even and continuing into the New Year. 
"We've been inundated with cookies," reported Virginia Power's Joe Murphy, construction team leader, several days into the crisis. "Cookies by the pound, by the box, by the bad, by the sack, satchel, plate, pitcher and handful. We've never been treated like this before. It's been amazing."
Combine great employees and great technology-and give your customers a reason to say "thanks." It's a strategy that works.

Dominion Resources CEO Tom Capps's 1998 shareholder letter - "Investing Between the Lines" - L.J Rittenhouse

Writing fresh content for Fouts Ventures press releases. New updates coming out this month!

Add these people to your circle to make some good network connections and keep up to date on technology.

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Share this with your friends and co-workers. Great for individuals and businesses.
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Potential Facebook initial public offering (IPO) in 2012. Could be the largest IPO ever in history with a value around 100 billion.

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He is 24 years old, started 3 companies while finishing an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics at a prestigious private college. Currently owns the first ever website development and marketing firm, which is a storefront to help retail customers. His name is Matthew Fouts and he is my inspiration!

Matthew Fouts

Fouts Ventures

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What are your thoughts, Google + or Facebook? Why?

Amazing People.
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