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Living Life and Playing Games
Living Life and Playing Games

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For those of you adding me here. Please follow my new account instead.
+Zachery Hernandez

+The Nerd Code Please change my account in your circle. #NerdHerd  I am no longer active on this account but on my new account.

Newest account shared below. Thank you!

public void publicServiceAnnouncement{

Last call to the fine people of Google+. I will be slowly making this account private within the next few days. If you would like to continue following me and see what I'm going to be up to, please follow my new account which will be completely open to the public.

For all those who continue to follow me here, please start following my other profile. I will no longer be active here anymore.

My Co-Dic (+Brian Kratos Hanson) and I will be launching our newest venture this week!!! Make sure to keep up to date by following the profiles in the circle shared.


// Geek Moment //
Thanks to anyone who knows the format I just bestowed upon you!
You have proven to be awesome.
If you don't know the format, it is all good. You're still awesome!

Thanks everyone!

Okay, the time is getting close. So, I am inviting everyone to follow my new account. This is where I will be most active. I am starting a new venture and hope that everyone will enjoy what I have to bring to the internet. I will slowly be migrating to that account. So, be sure to add me there so I can add you back as I will making this account obsolete.

My Co-Dic and I will be launching our new site and content very very soon, so be sure to give us a follow.

This is a very exciting time for us and we want to make sure that the lovely people on G+ are aware of what is going on right away.

Thanks everyone, we shall you see you very very soon!

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Having some fun with Evoland today. About four hours streamed straight to You got time, check out my broadcasts from today or check out my highlight to get a feel for how I get things done.

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And I am live!!!

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Gonna be going live in about 10 minutes!!! Come watch me as I adventure through Evoland for the second time today.

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This might not be for you, but at least check it out. I have been working with this group over the last month for my projects and they have just released their first single. If you enjoy it, throw a little money at them.

#indie #music #newage

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Why wouldn't I do this? I love winning stuff when the fates are kind enough.
I'm giving away a G-Connect WiFi Hard Drive on Google+ TODAY!
Here's how to win...!!!

RIGHT NOW we're beginning the +Geek Beat  Streaming Across America drive from Dallas to New York where we'll be live streaming the CEA Line Shows.  And we've got 3-4 AWESOME prizes that we'll be giving away EVERY DAY for the next 10 days!

First up is the awesome G-Connect WiFi drive!  This $200, 500GB portable drive doubles as a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 friends, PLUS it lets you stream any content you put on it to an iPad, phone, laptop... whatever! 

Here's how to win:
  1) Do you have me in one of your circles? Step One complete!
  2) Publicly share this post.

That's it!!!  We'll pick a winner TODAY.

Oh... my little G+niuses, you know me so well.  You want more chances to win!  Ok...  
 - You get one more chance if you have +Geek Beat  in your circles too
  - And another if you leave a comment below telling me what the heck you think you need a bad ass WiFi streaming 500GB portable drive for!

That's it.  Now hop to it!  And stay tuned for about 40 more awesome giveaways coming at you over the next week and a half.  

LOTS more chances to win!

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#awesome #yes
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