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These are my people
We came as individuals, a merry fellowship of misfits with
only one thing in common: the uncertainty of our year ahead.  With 10 one-way tickets to the United
Kingdom, we held hands and walked forward, becoming a union of disciples that
would become a famil...
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Notice the Small and Give Thanks for it All
On January 29, 2006, Bob Woodruff should have died.   As the newly appointed co-anchor for ABC
world news tonight, Bill was left in critical condition -and not expected to
survive- when a roadside bomb exploded in Iraq as he was reporting back to
America.  ...
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Fellowship and Food
Forks in our left hand, knives in our right.  The occasional scrape of metal to the plate
is overridden by the chatter and chewing. 
Diminishing food parallels the filling stomachs.  Hearts are happy.  Bellies full.  I recently heard a sermon on fellowship,...
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Making Mistakes
They’ve only made their first step out from the giant doors
marked Exit Only at the Heathrow airport, and I want to cover them in bubble
wrap and create a giant force field bubble surrounding their entire being.   Yes, I am the worrier in the family, but ...
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A Good Friday Scramble
With my feet and arms spread out from under me and feeling a
bit like an awkward starfish clinging for dear life, I am paralyzed.  One more move and I’m pretty sure the only
directions I’ll be going is backwards. 
The summit is just within reach, but my mus...
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The Kids Are Alright
Sounds of boiling water pop in a rhythmic pattern to my
left, but my eyes are drawn forward to follow the joyous sounds of laughter
coming from outside.  Peering out the
window and four stories below, I see a tiger madly twirling a hula hoop around
her flai...
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Welcome Home
A guilty conscious is my shadow that never alters or
diminishes in accordance to the ever rotating earth around the sun.  Like a looming darkness ever present, my
thoughts are always one step ahead to judge my actions, forming questions in a never
ending ba...
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Power of the Pen
I often don’t know the stories that weave together the soul
of each child I work with.  Bits of
information will come through from the school… whether or not they receive free school meals,
how many brothers and sisters they have, if they are on a special e...
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Entertaining Angels
With the news of my host dad’s much deserved promotion, it
was time to pull out the fancy clothes, invite the neighbors, and reserve a
table at the highly regarded steak house near Piccadilly Circus.  Touched to be included in such a family
affair, I was on...
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Measure in Love
January 16, 2013 – A time of panic and worry as I attempt to
describe myself in less than one page for my YAGM application.  A time of doubt as I wonder if I’m making the
right decision applying for service organizations rather than grad school.  A time of ...
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