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I hope that I once will make a documentary film as a crowd project of FPV pilots.
I hope that I once will make a documentary film as a crowd project of FPV pilots.

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I could have imagined that something like this existed but that changing audio of narrated text has become so simple is awesome and scary. A must watch!

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Welcome to London. 

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Frames of the animation from yesterday. This time with additional lights.
The yellow one to the right is a light source behind a glass panel.
The other lights are either hidden some voxels deep into the floor or enclosed in some kind of tube. This produces a spotlight effect with spot diameters depending on the depth/length of the tube.
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Exploring lights and animation in hexagonal terrain using #magicavoxel.
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Inspired by I created some landscape in #magicavoxel
The first image shows the #pixelart that I tried to re-imagine in the other two images.
The Magicavoxel images are two different renderings of the same scene.
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drag to rotate, mouse wheel to zoom, beware of sound ;-)

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Today I was checking out Google Earth VR on my Oculus Rift with Touch controllers. To get it running with the Rift (currently Google has released it for HTC Vive only) I used this little helper:
Just place the .dll in the directory where Steam installs Google Earth VR.

The experience was overall awesome with some minor glitches!
- My controls seemed to be switched between left and right. They felt like being setup for left handed people (navigate/move with the left hand while holding the "globe palette" in the right hand). I am right handed.
- Initial "preparation" phase took very long. I even had to restart it several times. As I was waiting I took off the head set and put it on my table. When I checked back after a while, the initialization was interrupted and the application seemed to have crashed. I then waited till the progress indicator reached 100% while keeping the head set on.
- I was curious to inspect some places in the Alps that I have been skiing this season. Unlike the desktop version of Google Earth, the VR version contains far less labels on POIs. Especially I was missing the names on a lot of mountain peaks. There are a few but more would definitely help when orienting in a mountain range like the Alps. It would also help a lot to learn about the surrounding peaks of place you already visited.
- I couldn't figure out how to enter the "flying" mode which you can see in the video of the app's home page.

I hope that Google will come up with another version that directly supports the Rift and Touch controllers. I would also hope for more features like more mountain peak names, more movement/navigation interactions and possibly voice input to navigate more easily to different place. The latter is already possible with Google Maps on Android so why shouldn't they use it in Google Earth VR, where you can not simply type on your keyboard but the Rift has a build in microphone?

#googleearth #vr #oculus #rift

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