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Not All Questions Have An Answer
Have you noticed how many articles now have a number as the starting point of the article i.e. 3 ways to improve your sales 5 tactics to improve profits 2 exercises to get a flat stomach etc etc It seems almost that us humans want any issue boiled down into...

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The Funny Side Of Conference Calls
I haven't written (obviously) in sometime however this video gave me genuine giggle followed by the thought "I really need to post this".  I am sure everyone who has dialed in to a conference call will enjoy this :)

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Strategy, Execution and the role of Leadership
If you don't yet subscribe to strategy+business by global management consulting firm Booz & Company , you are missing out on some impressive management and thought leadership pieces. Two articles that recently caught my attention are: The Thought Leader Int...

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Very sad day to hear the Leonard Nimoy passed away. This brings a smile to my face on a sad day.

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I posted this question in the GA help forum and surprisingly got no response - - so hopefully someone in this community can assist

For our ecommerce stores I would like to be able generate a report / dashboard that tracks sales against same day last year. Note this is not the same as same date last year. 

For example I want to be able to compare this Saturday (21 June 14) with last year Saturday (22 June 14).

I appreciate I can do it manually however I would like a dashboard that automatically updated the same day as last year.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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The Fundamental Business Problem With Social Media
The fundamental problem of social media within the context of traditional business metrics and reporting is that no matter how much of a media darling it is, Social Media is merely another medium in the total marketing pool and hence falls within the expens...

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