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The first person that complains about Anne Hathaway and Jon Stewart having spoiled the ending of a movie that's based on a musical that has run for 30 years and is based on a book that has been in print for 130 years gets punched in the throat. I heard the audience groan and the rage began

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What?!? Talking Dead comes back at 10pm AND an hour long?!? Congratulations +Chris Hardwick ! Long live the King of the Nerds!!

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Awesome collage my baby sister made of me and my sisters!

me: Tell me a story of love and valor and bravery in the face of death
Bryan: Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born in, what was then, a middle-income neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey.
me: lol
Bryan: that's how it starts. from there it expounds to a life of international prominence and general Teddy Pendergrassery
me: -_-

You can do gels and creams and serums and peels and injections and lasers and everything we offer, but you are still a hateful old hag..

and you still look like one..

thanks for the money.. :)

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But seriously folks.. i know that there are many people in g+ land who don't have a place to go today for thanksgiving dinner.. I just want to let you all know that you are always welcome...

at my house...

You're Always Welcome At Our House.

To work? or to pretend to work? That is the question...
Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The phone calls and voicemails of outrageous patients,
Or to take arms against a sea of progress notes,
And by opposing, end them... To nap, to work no more..

Anybody wanna go to Monkey Joe's with me..
Anyone? At all?


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