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Singapore Legal Service for Personal Injury or Accident or Road Accident Claim. From website

Personal injury singapore legal service. Affordable Singapore legal service for personal injury and insurance claims.

A committee member of the Personal Injury and Property Damage Committee of the Law Society of Singapore, he has extensive experience in motor insurance and accident claims. Having obtained a Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management from the Singapore College of Insurance, he has a good understanding of Insurance Law. Known in the industry as someone who fights hard for his clients, he has handled hundreds of cases in motor accident claims, including a reported case that went all the way to the Court of Appeal.

Some of his noteworthy achievements in Accident & Insurance Claims are as follow:

Representing clients at all levels of the Singapore courts including the Court of Appeal, and in mediation proceedings.

Helped to recover fair and reasonable compensation for his clients in numerous motor accident cases.

Successfully represented his client at the Court of Appeal in the case Fong Khim Ling (administrator of the estate of Fong Ching Pau Lloyd, deceased) v Tan Teck Ann [2014] SGCA 11. See this link

Helped to recover a substantial sum of compensation for a client in a slip and fall accident at a major shopping mall.

Helped to recover compensation for clients in medical negligence cases.
Representing the family of the deceased who had passed away in prison as a result of prescribed medication (Click here for article)

Accidents & Insurance Claims Legal Service in Singapore
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From website ( Family law, including matrimonial, custody, and adoption issues, is complex and confusing. Raphael Louis (Ray), a divorce lawyer in Singapore, has years of experience and legal expertise to assist you with any type of family related legal proceedings. He also has 13 years of counseling knowledge. Clients appreciate Ray’s professional effectiveness and sensitivity to personal situations. He has worked on behalf of many local and overseas clients, including international custody battles and high dollar asset divisions.
The practice of family law includes several different types of cases that relate to the family unit. A common legal procedure in this area is divorce proceedings, which dissolve a marriage while determining a proper division of marital assets and home. Ray helps you understand the legal requirements to obtain a divorce and walks you step by step through the court procedures to guarantee that you are dealt with fairly and justly.
In addition to the dissolution of a marriage, many divorces also include custody proceedings in order to plan for the future care and living arrangements of any children of the marriage. This is a difficult and emotional time in the legal proceedings. Ray competently represents your wishes while understanding the anxiety and stress that the ordeal causes you. You will be able to relax knowing that his expertise is working for you.
If you need a Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) lawyer for your divorce, Ray is among the handful of certified CFP lawyers in Singapore (see list of CFP lawyers Singapore Mediation Centre).
Even if your divorce is uncontested, counseling in related issues can ensure that your case is completed quickly and smoothly. Ray Louis makes sure that your divorce is settled most advantageously to you as possible. After the divorce, he ensures that the settlement is enforced and payment responsibilities are fulfilled.
Adoption is a time to celebrate as a family, whether there is an adoption due to a remarriage or a new family member joining the household. Ray properly completes and files the complex legal paperwork, so that you will have no future concerns about the legality of your adoption proceedings.
As a practitioner of family law and divorce lawyer in Singapore, Ray also assists you in cases where domestic violence is present in the home. If you need help obtaining legal protection for your personal safety, he is there for you. When you do not feel safe in your own home, you need someone on your side. Ray can help.
Please click here for Divorce Procedure Infographic ( or visit our affiliate website Ray Louis Law ( for more information on divorce law in Singapore.
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From criminal lawyer in Singapore website If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer in Singapore, Ray is your best choice.

Ray’s passion for criminal law has been evident since law school, having scored the only A+ for the exams in his cohort. A committee member of the Criminal Practice Committee of the Law Society of Singapore, he has amassed a wide range of experience, ranging from white collar crimes to road traffic offences. As an adjunct lecturer, he teaches Criminal Procedure at Temasek Polytechic to law enforcement officers. Ray is your best choice for criminal lawyer in Singapore, with affordable fees.

Some of his noteworthy cases in Criminal Defence are as follow:

Getting the accused spared (as an assistant counsel) from the death penalty (Public Prosecutor v Gopinathan Nair Remadevi Bijukumar, Criminal Case No 40 of 2011); in a murder trial at the High Court and appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Successful acquittal for a client (as assistant counsel) who had accidentally and fatally injured a cyclist in a road accident (as reported in the Strait Times 18 September 2010).

Successful acquittal of client charged for theft caught red handed by the police.
Vast experience and successful mitigated sentences in road traffic offences

Successful acquittal of client wrongfully charged for molest in a night club.

Please click here for Criminal Procedure Infographic
( or visit our affiliate website ( for more information on criminal law in Singapore.

Singapore Criminal Lawyer & Defence Attorney
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