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Concert Report #3
            This past
Sunday at 4 pm I attended my third concert for my blog post. Unfortunately, I
was not able to attain a program, but the name of the person I listened to was
Sean Cotty. The concert was his senior piano recital, and it was very

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Simple Joys-Pippin

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Rite of Spring
file://localhost/Users/emmamoran/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/Music/Zubin%20Mehta%3B%20New%20York%20Philharmonic/Le%20Sacre%20Du%20Printemps%20(The%20Rite%20Of%20Spring)/01%20The%20Rite%20Of%20Spring,%20Part%201.mp3 Thesis: In Stravinsky’s nature
inspired ...

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African Drum and Dance Ensemble
Thursday, October 24 th , at 8:15 PM I attended the African Drum &
Dance Ensemble Performance. One thing that was special about this performance,
was that beforehand myself and about 15 other people had a hour long session
learning how to use these drums...

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Romanticism Painting
                 In this beautiful painting, “Wanderer Above Sea
of Mist” by the German artist, Caspar David Friedrich, it is obvious to see the
Romantic ideals. It was painted in the prime of the Romantic Era in 1818 with
oil on canvas. In the foreground o...

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Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor
            Mozart Symphony #40 in G Minor, K 550 - 1. Molto Allegro It is
interesting to see how music from such a long time ago, helps so well with
learning modern day ideals. Even though I am not too apt at dissecting music
put before me, I most definitely try my hard...

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The Age of Enlightenment
The Enlightenment era took place in the late 17 th and 18 th century in Europe, and it was an extreme cultural movement.
In my opinion, t...
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