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Grass Tuesday

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Thanks +David A Fishel for sharing with +Grass Tuesday  #GrassTuesday  !!

+Margaret Tompkins 
"Kick'n Up My Heels"

For #GrassTuesday  and the page +Grass Tuesday created and curated by +Margaret Tompkins 
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+Donna McClure Thank you, I really appreciate that!
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Grass Tuesday

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Thanks +Nurri Kas for sharing with +Grass Tuesday  #GrassTuesday  !!

+Margaret Tompkins 
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Grass Tuesday

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Thanks +Wes Hardaker for sharing with +Grass Tuesday  #GrassTuesday  !!

+Margaret Tompkins 
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Grass Tuesday

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Nature always supplies us with spots of hopes. ☼ Also for this new week i wish you well being and pleasant chances for happiness!
Dill weed (Anethum graveolens) is a full sunlight  lover and believed to have its beginnings in the Mediterranean region. The plant has a long and ancient history in many countries as a culinary and medicinal herb. The earliest  known record of dill as a medicinal herb was found in Egypt 5,000 years ago when the plant was referred to as a “soothing medicine.” Gladiators were fed meals covered with dill because it was hoped that the herb would grant them valor and courage.

Dill seeds are often called “meetinghouse seeds” because they were chewed during long church services to keep members awake or kids quiet. Th e seeds were also chewed in order to freshen the breath and quiet noisy stomachs.

Myths and Folklore Dill was believed to provide protection from witchcraft, most likely because of its strong smell. Charms were often made from sprigs of dill to provide protection from witchcraft; they were hung around the house or worn on the clothing. Dill was often added to love potions and aphrodisiacs to make them more effective.
(Source/article: herbsociety org)

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-Editible Plants&Herbs

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THANK YOU so much!
Best greetings :-)
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Grass Tuesday

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Captured near Chandigarh
[Best viewed Full-Screen: Click on image, and hit the Space Bar (Works only with the old/classic G+)]
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Love it!
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