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Do the Indian Airlines Hire CPL License pilots?
The answer is yes. Many Indian Airlines companies including the Indian
Government owned group Indian Airlines do require commercial pilots on a
regular basis. If you are among the Indians and want to pursue your dream for
becoming a commercial pilot to reac...

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Bluebird cadet training for smarter and better flying careers
Those you are
keen to make their career in commercial pilot can certainly require a good
flying school. So, if you are based in Canada and even outside this country,
you have the option to access some of the best training institute that comes in
the form of...

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What are the job prospects after getting your commercial pilot License?
The Commercial pilot license or CPL is the basic requirement, which open
up the gates of opportunities for anyone who is looking out for a stable career
in commercial flying. Once you get the same, you get the opportunity to apply
for jobs at various airlin...

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Making career in Pilot Training
The dreams to become a pilot are really big and worthy when it comes to
accomplishing it. The man behind your best training comes to be your trainer
and of course the institute, which should be reputed enough to give you the
best training and grooming for f...

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Recreational training program from Bluebird lands you up for a bright future
As the name of
the course itself suggest, the recreational pilot training is for people who
own planes or charter flights and for people for whom flying is nothing but a
recreational or leisure issue. This is not meant for career but for the
recreational pu...

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Beautiful reviews by bluebird flight academy students.
Hey guys this reviews written by bluebird flight academy students. anyone wants to write here bluebird testimonial then send me on my contact. Hi I am Simon, I always wanted to fly, but didn’t know how. But soon when I came in touch with the Blue Bird Fligh...

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Get Commercial pilot training in Canada to get a good start in your flying career
Canada is known to have open wilderness areas encompassing vast interiors, which often would require good number of pilots to fly in and around its vicinity areas. Hence the career of commercial pilots is often a lucrative option to try in this country. The...

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Commercial pilot license training in USA
An Overview The career of commercial pilot happens to be very much lucrative in the US and other countries. In order to make your career in this segment, you are supposed to first get your commercial pilot license, which comes via a comprehensive training p...

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Best flying school in Canada
What makes an aviation school the Best flying school in Canada?When it comes to Aviation school, the quality of the institute does matter a lot. You cannot just consider any school, which is not known for offering quality programs backed by resourceful trai...

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Pilot training in India
If you love rising high in the sky, you should definitely choose the career of commercial pilot. If you are keen to become pilot then you certainly need a good training school along with knowing and exploring all about the basic details you need to enter in...
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