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Joseph Altamirano
Pokemon alpha sapphire omega ruby
Pokemon alpha sapphire omega ruby


Looking for a friendly Crew/Family to join for heists and whatnot. :) I'm on PS4 @BurntByFire Comment below!

Can someone help me do the event quest to get the Link gear? Need help ASAP thanks :3 my friend code is 1349-7596-8835 comment yours below :)

Can someone teach me the basics Of monster hunter? I'm a noob. :p

Hey guys I'm BRAND new to monster hunter. I just got 4 ultimate. Wondering if anyone wants to add me my fc is 1349-7596-8835 enter yours below :) if you don't mind a noob in training lol

Hey guys I'm looking for someone to help do a two man car dupe glitch. I'm on the ps4. Send me a message if you're interested @BurntByFire

Hey guys can someone add me and help me get rp or money via glitch or whatever?! I'm in need! Add me @burntbyfire on PS4. Comment below! :D

Hey guys at me @burntbyfire lets play some games! I'm looking to boost for xp on BF4 Advance warfare or gta online. Please help! Tell me if you added me below! :)

Guys what do I do after I payed my load off, have a perfect town, and have over 100 mil. Whats there still to do? Add me 1349-7596-8835 Comment below!

Hey guys I'm getting bored of alpha sapphire. Someone add me and make it fun again :) 1349-7596-8835 comment below!

Hello everyone, my fc is 1349-7596-8835. Can someone give me or dupe some gold shovels or watercans any thing like that? :)
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