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fmoig @ perfect__misfits and like these pictures
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follow me on instagram @ perfect__misfits and please like these pictures
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Read this story(:
Little girl crying
DAD; "Hunny, are you okay?"
Daughter; "No dad. How can I be?"
DAD; "I understand why your upset but your mom wouldn't want you to be like this."
The doctor comes out
Doctor; "She wants to see her daughter."
Dad; "Go on hunny."
The little girl goes in the room only to see her sick mother.
Mom; "Hunny have you been crying?" she wipes her daughter's tears off
Daughter; "Yes, mommy. Are you gonna be okay?"
Mom; "I'll be soon enough." smiles
Daughter; "I can't wait for you to come home hunny."
The mother's eyes water
Daughter; "Why are you crying mommy?"
Mom; "Nothing babygirl. I just really love you."
The daughter smiles and lays beside her mom. She falls asleep quickl.
The little girl wakes up to beeping sounds. She looks at her mom. She was still sleeping. She shakes her hoping she would wake up. But no answer. She tries again. Nothing
Daughter; "MOM! WAKE UP!"
She realizes what had happened but keeps denying it.
Daughter; "MOM! Come on! Don't leave me. Please!"
The doctor comes in and the dad grabs the girl out of the room
Doctor; "Date of Death; 10;30 pm"
The daughter cries and cries somemore.
an hour later
Dad; "Hunny, your mom wanted you to have this."
It was a letter. The daughter opens the letter
"Dear princess,
Oh I love you so so much.I'm so sorry to be gone this early in your life.
Mommy was really sick, there was nothing the doctors could've done.
Don't worry mommy is in a better place now, looking over you.
I have a feeling you're gonna turn into a remarkable young woman. No doubt about it.
You have to always remember to behave, because it's only you and your father now. Take care of him for me?
I know you will. I'll always be looking over you my little angel. I love you and that'll never change.
Love, Mommy."
The girl cuddle the letter, remembering her mom.
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#HappyBirthdayGabbeh happy birthdat girl i love you
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my theme song of my life lol
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Girl : Am I pretty?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Do you want to be with me forever?
Boy : NO
Girl : Would you cry if I walked away?
Boy : NO.
She heard enough, and was hurt. She walked away, tears ran down her face. The boy grabbed her arm.
Boy : Your not pretty, your beautiful. I don’t want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away, I would DIE.
(Boy whispers) : Please? Stay with me.
(Girl whispers) : I will.
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