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“I am the truth,” declared the Lord Jesus (John 14.6). Truth in the Scriptures has no other meaning than reality. What is reality? Reality is what I actually am before God as a result of the accomplished work of Christ. The Lord Jesus shed His blood to ransom all who belong to Him. This is a fact. Through Christ I am a redeemed soul before God. This is the truth. What I am through the fact accomplished by the Lord Jesus—that is the truth. Consequently, only after Jesus has accomplished a work will I have the truth. Without His work, I will have no truth, no reality. I was originally a dead person, a sinner in God’s sight. I had neither position nor possession before Him. But now, thank God, due to the work of the Lord Jesus, I have reality before God. I have obtained something real, and that reality is that I am a redeemed person.

—Watchman Nee (From Faith to Faith)

Obeying the Lord has its reward, and that is, that the faithful ones find more strength to deny themselves and follow the Lord the next time.

Watchman Nee, Heart-to-Heart Talks

"God [has] call[ed] you to serve Him as priest, you ought to humbly thank Him, for this is your greatest glory. For in so doing, God has highly exalted you. Yet God does not do so because you have something in the world to give Him. Rather, His calling you to serve Him means that He is willing to accept you, and this becomes your glory. For people such as we to be able to serve God is indeed a great honor; it is nothing less than God’s grace! And this is truly the gospel. The gospel is not only that the Lord Jesus has saved me but is also the fact that people such as we are granted the opportunity to serve God today. Such is the gospel of grace; in fact, it is the greatest gospel."
Watchman Nee, The Universal Priesthood of Believers

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Watchman Nee's most recent book is now available to order on our site.

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Watchman Nee's A Balanced Christian Life is now available as an audiobook.

Watchman Nee on Contentment:
Contentment is a Christian virtue. Offering all to God is the first step to acquiring this virtue. Those who take God as their all possess a contented heart. Believers who long for the world cannot help but look for vainglory. But the vainglory of the world can never satisfy man's heart. No amount of fame can make a believer feel content for a single day.

Blessed are they who know the Lord Jesus as their all. Unless we ascend with the Lord Jesus and realize the emptiness of the things under the sun, we too are prone to mind the things on earth. If we are not enlightened by the Holy Spirit who causes us to understand that all which we have in Christ is eternal and real, we also will covet earthly things. Praise God, those who believe have Christ as their treasure.

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We know that the heavier the load is, the lower the ship sinks; the weightier the fruits, the more bent the branch; and the bigger the tree, the deeper the root. This also is true with the man who has received much grace. He who receives less grace tends to boast of the little he gets. A humble man is one who is full of God’s grace. For God alone can cause one to be humble. Humility is not thinking less of oneself, but is thinking of oneself not at all. Humility is not looking less at oneself, but is looking at oneself not at all. A truly humble person is one who has truly died to himself. If self is not dead, he will inwardly glorify himself even though he may not show it outwardly. Indeed, the heart of a man is deceitful above all things (see Jer. 17.9).

However, let us see that humility is one thing but timidity is another. These two should not be confused. Man’s own humbleness which comes either from natural temperament or from human effort will always lead to timidity. And the final product will be a flight from responsibility. But true humility in the Lord will not hide under the name of modesty and shun any responsibility. For in the things of God, the truly humble man boldly marches forward on the one hand, and on the other he confesses his own weakness and inability so as to depend on God constantly. “In all thy ways acknowledge him” (Prov. 3.6a). Fearful of standing forth is not humility, rather it is a spiritual defect. How very difficult it is to be humble before the Lord and at the same time bear heavy responsibility. Nevertheless, Philippians 4.13 is truly a trustworthy word here: “I can do all things in him that strengtheneth me.” Let us therefore look to the Lord.
— Watchman Nee


Let me give you a new thought today, which is the joy of God. On the night I was saved, the more I thought about it the merrier I became and the more I sang. I did not mind if there were neither rhyme nor tune. And such is the joy of being saved. Nevertheless, this Scripture verse tells us that it was the father who was joyful. It is therefore the joy of God in His saving a soul that is being expressed here. We usually think when a sinner is saved, how glad he is, and how glad we are. We fail to realize how joyful God the Father also is when He saves a sinner. If we see this, we can begin to understand the Father. Watchman Nee

Bring the fatted calf, and kill it, and let us eat, and make merry: for this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. Luke 15:23-24.

*Take from the Watchman Nee devotional on May 8th
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