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Prepping & Self Reliance
People Teaching People From Emergency Preparedness to Self Reliance
People Teaching People From Emergency Preparedness to Self Reliance

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We have had a number of posts flagged as SPAM because the links in the posts are directing to Commercial Websites rather than actual information pages, how Google does this algorithm we do not know but 

Please move into the proper section Vendor Exchange - Contests so that post can be made visible to the public members - if you have made a post & it is not showing up yet please check to see if a moderator has left you a message as to where it should be moved to to come out of the limboland that Google has put it into

3 days after a moderator gives notice to move an item that has been flagged as Commercial in nature  if items are not properly moved they shall be deleted, repeat offenses will get you banned -

This community is here for the FREE EXCHANGE of information
We are not here for the promotion of websites & products like eBooks For Sale in the main section  to the members which is considered to be Rude & Spam in the internet world

We would prefer only 1 Commercial Post per week in the Vendor Exchange & have decided that Contests should also be posted in that section & each post should be for different items not simply repeats of the same older post

Please Respect the Rules - so far we've only had to ban 1 person who refused to abide by the rules & we are happy about that

Thank you & Prep On

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Good simple reminder about our Constitutional Rights
A simple summary...

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+Larry Gold posted this to our group originally just moving it over to the Gun Related Discussion section 
Here's an interesting article outlining 7 things Feinstein's bill left out. 

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Passing on this beautiful candle memorial for the victims of #sandyhookelementaryschool  
#sandyhook  Please pass this on, and share with everyone. I made this as a way for people to remember the 26 names of those that matter most, not the 1 name the media chooses to exploit.
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