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A few good cries.
I had a good cry a few nights ago, one of those "sit on the bathroom floor and sob your eyes out into a washcloth" types of cries.  That was the second one of those in the last month.  Things have not been easy recently The first cry came in late April, whe...

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living with three dogs...
recently, you may have read in our family christmas newsletter a bit about our family story with depression.  One of the amazing things that came out of that was the amount of people who reached out and said things like "I never knew" and "thanks for saying...

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Book Suggestions
Earlier in the year, I asked a few friends about suggestions for books that they would recommend for my study this year.  I can tell already that it will take a little bit of effort on my behalf... I have not regularly read books for quite a while, so I wil...

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Here we come, 2017
The new year is here, and I haven't written my "100 best things of 2016" post yet.  I promise I will write it before the end of the month!  If you got our Christmas newsletter, you will know that 2016 wasn't always a walk in the park. It was not bad, it jus...

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A few fun photos from the last couple days!
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Head on over to Warm Heart Initiatives
Hi Folks, I know that there are a few people who are continuing to read this site... And, I appreciate you.  I also appreciate this site, and know that I have been neglecting it. I have thought and drafted a few posts that I will eventually get to, but for ...

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A new way to raise some awareness for Malawi!

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I have heard that folks from Fort MacMurray need gift cards... if you are interested in both getting cards for them, and supporting Warm Heart Initiatives please use the Code "6LRP4W" at

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So, the little girl had her head lump removed today, almost 10 months since we first saw it. We are happy that it is gone, but sad for her needing to have surgery.
We don't know "for sure," because there is not much benefit to the knowledge of getting the lump tested, but the vet thinks that there is a reasonable chance that it was cancerous. So, it's good that we got it removed.
We just need to keep watching her health to see if there are more changes (she's really healthy in general!), but this certainly raises our anxiety about our sweet little pup. :(. Sad face. 
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