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Walt Goshert
"Good is the enemy of great"... in business and golf.
"Good is the enemy of great"... in business and golf.

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Ask Awkward Questions?


Deliver a Perfect Pitch?

Which Wins More Clients?

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Hey Youth Basketball Coaches...

Check It Out...

2 FUN Ball-Handling Drills for KIds

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Parody Comment to Dan Jenkins Tiger Parody Conversation

Golf Digest- trying too hard to make golf relevant to EVERYONE (and sell cheap clicks and boost ad revenues) while pissing off REAL golfers daily.

From Jack in the comments... 

Q: Why do you portray Tiger as a kid who hangs out at a 7 Eleven and drinks slurpees?
Jenkins: Cuz everyone is a kid to me, I’m old.
Q: You do know he’s 39 years old right?
Jenkins: Still a young hippie in my eyes.
Q: Did you know there is no Tomb Raider arcade game?
Jenkins: No, I don’t. I do know that Angelina Jolie is hot. She’s in it right? She really makes my ol’ ticker sing.
Q: That was a movie, but you don’t care do you?
Jenkins: Not really. I just make stuff up. What was that hottie’s name again?
Q: Why haven’t you retired yet? Most people are enjoying retired life at your age.
Jenkins: The AARP wouldn’t take me.
Q: Care to elaborate?
Jenkins: I wrote a parody interview about the President of the AARP, and he just doesn’t have any sense of humor! Young men these days. So thin skinned. Almost like little girls.
Q: Are you just at that stage where you just don’t give a damn?
Jenkins: You got that right.
Ok where do I pick up my journalist pass? Maybe I can go interview an actual person with it next time.


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3 Must-Read Articles / Reports
1. Facebook Is Still Failing Marketers:
2. Facebook Has Killed Organic Reach:
3. YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn & Twitter Are All Better Than Facebook For Post-Click Engagement [Report]:
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Hey Youth Basketball Coaches

Check It Out!

Extensive guide of basketball coaching drills, online training and practice planning, game planning, and coach development.

Give it a read. Download the PDF. Get ALL the Updates.

What's missing?

What else do you need to...

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Excellent take on the Ted Bishop fiasco. 

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Depression: "... arthritis of my soul".

Mary Frank Cogbill's full comment on the Norm McDonald post:

"Having been hospitalized twice for depression I know that there is no cure only temporary relief. I now refer to it as the arthritis of my soul and am thankful for every day that it does not rear its head. R.I.P. dearly loved Robin Williams."

Thanks Mary for helping me understand your illness.

While I personally don't suffer from depression, close family and friends have. And, they chose the same end as Robin Williams. I felt powerless to help them and miss them dearly.
#RIPRobinWilliams and prayers of peace for ANYONE suffering from "arthritis of the soul."

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Kings of Clay

BTW: Johnny Mac: Best ex-great player now broadcaster in any sport- not even close.

Check out @ByJoeFleming's Tweet:
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