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Had a blast taking my senior pictures!! :)

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I love this song!!

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Update.. and some new changes!
Hey everyone. Yes i'm still here! How has everyone been? We have had a very busy summer here on the farm lots of things happened! We have over 3 acres in blueberry plants so over part of the summer we were busy picking blueberries... we ended up picking a g...

Chopped lots of ice so the cattle could get water this morning!! Not liking these cold temperatures!!   #farmers   #farming  

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Hey everybody checkout The Peterson Farm Bros new Parody CHORE!!! They did a awesome job on this one!!!!!  +The Peterson Farm Bros 

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Hey y'all!! Here is the latest video from the Peterson Farm Brothers! I love all of there videos, they do such a awesome job they remind me of our family and farm, would love to meet them someday!! ! In fact my sister and I are gonna try to make our own par...

Who else just LOVES CHRISTmas?!?!? ;) :D

Happy happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!! 

Finall found time to read the Hunger Games book!!! #hatebeingsick 

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Is a Farm Girl Thing!
Shout out to all you awesome farm girls who love........ Ridding four wheelers, Working cows, Fixing fence, Mud, Carhart coats, Camo, Guns, Hunting, Bows and arrows, Messy hair, Long skirts and jeans, Cowgirl boots, Chocolate cake, Cooking, Cutting, raking,...
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