An example in the Fate Core text seems to indicate that NPCs can concede conflicts.

This seems potentially problematic to me, though.

Imagine the PCs are hired as bounty hunters to capture a dangerous wanted criminal. They corner him and a conflict begins. The conflict ends when the GM has the NPC criminal concede in order to avoid the worst possible outcome for him: Going back to jail. So instead of capture, something else has to happen. He escapes, dies, whatever.

This just seems like arbitrarily snatching a fairly earned victory from the PCs just by GM fait. Sure, it's not a total loss because the criminal was still defeated, but the goal was to capture him. How is that remotely kosher? BTB, it seems to be how NPC concessions would work, though.

My thought is: NPCs are only NPCs, but PCs are different and ought to have more control over what their victories look like than that.
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