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Stella Tsiolakki
My story... still unwritten :)
My story... still unwritten :)

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HEY EVERYONE, I HAVE FINALLY MOVED ALL MY POSTS ON WORDPRESS. THIS IS MY NEW BLOG I have transferred THERE all the good stuff. More substantial post are coming up soon and if you’d like to check them out you can follow the blog?...

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Using Caterpillar sentences to help students use the target vocabulary in sentences :)

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Caterpillar sentences
CATERPILLAR SENTENCES  I was thinking of a way to get my students (9-10 years old) to  formulate their own sentences and at same time have fun.  An then I came up with the idea of the caterpillar sentences and they absolutely loved it. 😀😘😎 How to use thi...

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Best Friend's Challenge
with the idea of using the 'Best Friends Challenge' (as seen in The Tonight
Show Starring Jimmy Fallow) with my teens as they are all friends and they hang
out together. I have to say that it worked really well and we had ...

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The worst and BEST moments of 2016
Christmas theme lesson Description: This lesson plan is organised around the theme of the best moments of 2016 from the BBS news through
the use of videos and visuals ' It also includes , vocabulary building activities and discussions around the topic of 't...

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Academic challenge 1: Implementing the Lexical Approach (Notes 1)
Hey everyone. It's been so many years I wanted to read this book and I've finally started it this week. So here are my notes on Chapter one and some ideas on how to go about it. I mp lement in g the Le xical Approach by Michael Lewis Chapter 1: What to reme...

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Writing: First Certificate - Check list
Are your students lay back and quite lazy? Well, mine are. So after thinking an idea to get them spend more time when writing essays I came up with this Check-list to help them make the most of their writing. Check-list Once you are done with your essay, re...

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Back to School : Part 1 (Week 1: getting to know your students )
So this is it! Back to school.. :) I am pretty excited about it, let's be honest, educators have such a big break :D and I do miss teaching. So these are my top ideas/activities on getting back to school, mainly related to new groups, adults and teens. 1. F...
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