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Jared White
A write blog posts about theology, speculations about Heaven, and made up conspiracies
A write blog posts about theology, speculations about Heaven, and made up conspiracies


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The Wonderful Wonders of the Written Word
You are, in a sense allowing me inside
your head right now. It is quite likely I am using the voice of your
internal narrator for my own. Meaning these words, which I have
written, are forming in your mind with the very same voice with which
you form your o...
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Interruptions in Heaven or God's Biggest Fans
First, in order for you to “buy this”
I think I may need to point out some things about Heaven which you
may not have thought of before. Do you realize our longest and most
detailed view into Heaven is during what is perhaps the most
important ceremony to h...
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A Review of Sorts for The Hero of Ages: Book Three of Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
This is going to be more a “how I
felt about the book,” than a real review, not because there isn't
much to talk about or I didn't like it much (I thought it was great
and want to buy the trilogy) but because I just don't think I can
write much, if anything...
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A Little Tangent About That Grocery Item You Always Forget You Already Have
I don't think I'm the only one that
does this. I know at least one of my aunts told me she does (though
her often bought item is sauerkraut). You go to the grocery store and
get things you think you need and, even if you have a list, you pass
by that one th...
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A Brief Detour Into Frivolity: A List of Some of My Current Favorite Celebrities
Apart from a long-time crush on Natalie
Portman (mainly based on roles from two of her movies) and an off and
on crush on Rachel McAdams, I have never really followed or been
interested in celebrities and watching their interviews. Even for the
previous two...
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Life and the Significance of Our Journey on this Earth
In my last post I spoke of our life on
earth and how its significance pales when compared with the life that
is to come and, in a way it does, but it may also be that our brief
time here might be the most important part. Just think, something
about our expe...
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God's Preparation For Work Here or for Life in Heaven
A few months ago someone in our church
said something like, “I'm starting to wonder what God is preparing
me for, I'm getting old.” Meaning that they don't feel they have
accomplished a specific great work for God and they don't foresee
that great work in t...
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The Triumphal Procession
We, as Christians, are like those being
lead in a triumphal procession as the ones who were defeated, who
should be hanging our heads, only to discover that through our
surrender and defeat, we have been granted a freedom that is far
beyond what we had befo...
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Why an Eternal Worship Service Wouldn't Be Too Bad
Some people don't necessarily want to
go to Heaven because they think it is going to be an eternal worship
service with everyone saying “Holy, Holy, Holy” over and over and
over again and then over again and again. Personally, I think there's
going to be mo...
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An Open Letter To Hermione Granger-Weasley Concerning Emma Watson
Dear Hermione, Forgive me for using your first name
but I am unsure as to whether you adopted the Weasley name, kept your
own, or if you and Ronald hyphenated both of your names. I am unsure of how much you stay
current regarding Muggle news but, because bo...
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