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stacy arriaza

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Plz upload more UK shows like real crime or nightmare in suburbia they r way better than the doc ones here been following your channels for years big fan

stacy arriaza

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stacy arriaza

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Enter the Choice Hotels Summer Road Trip Sweepstakes. Grand Prize: $875 hotel gift card, rental car, $2,000 and more!
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stacy arriaza

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all these bad people are because of the Illuminati we need to rescue all the children of the world from them and there demonic ways 

stacy arriaza

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this man sold me sick dogs said they were healthy got them in April it is now July they have had problem after problem wk after wk I filed a chargeback from the bank at chase I won my money back and used every dime on the dogs to make them better spent even more than that b4 we won the money back he sent his family members to bang on my door and threaten me and my children whom are autistic and scared them for a long time to come the police came and told them not to come back but he screamed he will b back he scared and threatened us because we got our money back and he was only able to do this because harassment cause his cousin works in AZ. And by the way b4 u think of buying a dog from him u should look up Maui Expo Scam and also know that he is known for operating on his own dogs on You tube he portrays himself as a perfect loving god fearing dog  breeder than how come both our bulldogs came sick I am making this public to warn ppl and to let everyone know in so many words they threatened us and if he wants he needs to own up to all the money we put into this poor defenseless puppies don't buy the bullshit! I didn't say anything till he starts coming on our property and trying to scare and intimidate us and break our door down and if u win against him legally he might snap and try to hurt your family over puppies that he breads like every two wks a new liter and they aren't that great with kids they bite all the time they have depressive and anxiety issues also terrible I thought he was a God among bulldog breeders what a lie as soon as I started asking him to call me about them being sick he stopped he never answered and second he only contacted me again when he realized chase  had given me my money back to get all the necessary stuff for the dogs that they needed

stacy arriaza

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BAM! Pinterest kicks products and recipes up a notch.

Have you ever watched Emeril on TV? Not only does he create awesome food, but his unbridled enthusiasm is amazing. And if you've ever watched his live show, you know that the most-anticipated part of every dish is when he "kicks it up a notch" - usually by taking a pinch of his cayenne-based special seasoning and shouting "BAM!"

The folks at Pinterest did just that.

Pinning cool products and great-looking food has been the staple of Pinterest since its launch in 2010. Now, products are going to include Prices, Description, Availability and better linkage to the source. Recipes will include Cook Time, Ingredients and Services, and even Movies get into the act with ratings, cast information and more.

This is awesome for us users, as we can find out even more about what we're looking at and make faster decisions. I know those Batman-inspired, platinum USB storage cufflinks look cool, but now I can see that they only cost $45 and maybe I can actually entertain the idea of buying them. Or, more practically, I'm looking for a great Italian dish that I can make for my family and now, at a glance, I can see what's in that great-looking lasagna and whether or not I can even get those ingredients, without having to click through to a website.

And for businesses? Whoa. Stop reading and click through to the story right now, because you need to get started on this today. If you weren't using Pinterest before to promote your products, that needs to become your top priority for this week.

So check out these changes, and I've love to hear what you think, both as Pinterest users and as businesses taking advantage.

Thanks for reading!

#Pinterest   #SocialMedia  #eCommerce #Business 
Pinterest has announced a great new feature today called "rich pins" which attach important details to pins, like pricing or availability. This is HUGE for online retailers and customers alike!
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