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Ten Days of Sketching! (4/10)
My house has a lot of chairs. They probably outnumber people present--even during parties. My family has inherited collections of early twentieth century furniture, so the theme of my interior is coincidentally a postmodern blend of past and present.  But c...

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Ten Days of Sketching! (3/10)
Everything left handed is harder! And I thought my control was pretty decent, but apparently not top notch. The sketch above was done only with my wobbly left hand. It may look like grade school art, but the process was painstaking. I knew all the time wher...

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Ten Days of Sketching! (2/10)
Humans. They are amazing. To think that within every person lies a torrent of facts, memories and feelings just waiting to gush out into an open, hungry world. But to expect someone to communicate things that deeply matter to them calls for a great amount o...

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Ten Days of Sketching! (1/10)
The course of the year has nearly run to completion!! 2016, where art thou? As I sit here pondering it, I hear the quiet hum of my essential oil diffuser and smell the sweet scent of the present. Time is such a fluid thing, made solid only by our memories, ...

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Semester Laid to Rest
  Currently, I write this in my little Christmas den that is pictured above. The air is sweet, literally, with the sugar and flour of my day long endeavor of baking. My body is tired from not sitting down since getting up this morning. I'm also a little bit...

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In Everything
"In Everything" This blog has laid dormant a little too long. Last fall, I started college and have since then been swept up in all the machinations that come with being a Biology major. It's left little time for art making or much less being in the art-cre...

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  "Aerial View of Black Desert"  " Maple Mountains"   "Gold in the Garden" "Catastrophe" When I was around seven years old, I remember my grandmother handing me her drugstore disposable camera to document her sixtieth birthday. I remember her bragging on my...

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Despite Apathy
"Affliction of Apathy" The most
disgusting thing is to see a life wasted -- a person working on something with
such dispassionate style. When I see such people I want to despair. Conversely,
people with a good sense of their purpose just radiate life in all...

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Faces of the City
ago, when I was in pre-school, we made a lot of crafts. Some I liked more than
others. I generally didn't like the ones that I was hardly involved in making.
However, one I did like was a silhouette portrait. My teacher illuminated the
side of my face ...

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Happy Birthday Baby Brother
"Baby: Study" Today is my brother's first birthday! He is the baby of the family, so naturally, he is doted on. Last spring I used him as a model for one of my projects (pictured below) for AP Art. He is much cuter in real life.  "Children Having Children" -M
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