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Added photos to Onyx Sojourner Medal Day!.

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Operation: Hordor! 2.0 ~   #Basel   09/12/2015 #SITREP  

After the OPERATION:WHITE UNICORN [1] event, in the Munich "Hofbräukeller Biergarten”, Enlightened agents from Salzburg and Basel came up with the idea to invite to an event in Basel. So they proposed this idea to the local community and the decision was taken that it should be a city flip.

The process of planning and inviting started, after a date was chosen: Saturday, the 12.09.2015. The reach of the community was not only limited to agents from all of Switzerland. Agents from neighboring countries Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic were interested.

As a lot of agents had quite some distance to cover, early birds arriving on Friday, 11th of September 2015 met in the Elisabethenanlage enjoying drinks and conversation at Cafe Zum Kuss[2].

On Saturday noon all participating agents met at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule Basel[3] to kick off the day. After 12 teams found all their members, a group photo was taken and the teams were sent on their way. 

120 agents over the next 6 hours were able to built plenty, nice and green level 8 portals (maximum count was 1034 GL8 portals standing at the same time). Some resistance was present but did not interfere with the event too much. 

Ending such a successful day, having earned themselves some proper treat, all teams moved to the Basel harbour area finishing the day with BBQ, beer and cocktails at the Ostquai[4], partying until 03:00h Sunday morning.

A big thank you to all participating and helping agents, the event would not have been the same without everyone of you!

Intel of Event: (thank you to the Creator)

+Kyle Byron +Andrea Scuttleclaw +kiwibaum basel +John Schärli +Olivier Wirz +Patrick Mächler +tobi buchter +Patrick Burger 
+John Schärli 
+Patrick Burger +Philipp Hofstetter +Marc Giger +Che Unhund +Marco Antonini +Moronik Egres +Aleš Kostka +Kateřina Zemanová +Jakub Dvořák +Alessandra Antonini +Andrea Scuttleclaw +Christophe Monnat +Luc Bourlier +Fabien Airiau +Stefan Kestenholz +David Pralong +julie gigandet +Joachim Taverne +Joelle Krummenacher +Florian Glardon +Stéphanie FataS +Hervé Waveinjector +Bernhard Aschenwald +Sibel Karacasulu +Remi M +Gül R +Thomas Birchler +Stephan Rudolf +Sabi 'meltdownX' +Tim Sasdrich +Roman Zwyssig +Nik Pinkerton +Robert Aigner +Eva Bräumann +Thomas Wöhrle +Christian Jost +Sascha Schwärzler +Thomas V +Friedrich Maier +Patrick Mächler +Saskia K. +Aradiv Enlightened +Stephan Leuenberger +Daniel -babilon- +Sascha Meier +Marcel Ottiger +Melanie Kirbs +Philip Lehmann +blubb` xD +Jim Dampflok +Heiko Leberer +tobi buchter +The Willemin Seperatist +Cedric frevel +bfh mobicomp +Sandra Burri +Fabian Egli +Dirk P. Hebel +Alex Schirmer +Chris LH +Kay androit24 Segginger +Sandro Ballarini +Mike Buchi +Stefan Szalai +Daniel Küttel +Felix Rohrer +Sandro Kocher +Pushky Saphira +Thomas Oppenhoff +Vanessa Oppenhoff +Vladimer Botsvadze +Thomas S. +sibylle b. +Yvonne Maus +Patrick Daniele +Kathrin V. +quattro uno +Verena Walter +Claude Portmann +Björn Holzhauer +Jenny Chase +Ruediger Weiss +Christian S. +Minna Berger +Andy Bahr +Antje Gü. +Bruno G +SeRaPiS 2000 +Maria Braun +Rebecca Davies 

Due to the fact that g+ does currently not allow to add additional participants with profile links, we are adding you this way for now: 

Florian Livers 
Anthony Kempe 
Katz Akopf 
Jürgen Jehle 
saucy inbetween 
Noëmi Azrahelle 
Herman Feitsma 
Heiri Kuratli 
TuV Nora 
Andre Fiene 
Florian Mahler 
Benjamin Nebel 
DiViNe CH 
Debbie Ehinger 
Steffi Drosselmeyer CaElAn22 
Herwig HÖFLE 
Manuela Höfle 
Markus Wendelspiess 
Luc Deflo 
Tobias Ruppel 
Christine Rey 
Benoit Duchesne 
Dani Bachmann 
Claudine Joss 
Eva Wroblewski 

6 Photos - View album

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#flüchtlinge   #schweden  
Die schwedische Stadt Skelleftea braucht Wachstum. Die jungen Schweden ziehen in die Großstädte und die ältere Bevölkerung bleiben zurück, die nicht mehr arbeiten können. Also bleiben Jobs übrig...
Schön wenn das auch andere Länder/Städte das mal von dieser Seite anschauen und es nutzen. 

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