1975 Triumph Stag - 
This 1970-77 luxury sports car, based on the Triumph 2000 saloon, was designed to take on the Mercedes SL Series. It was a 2+2 cabriolet, with styling by Michelotti, and was powered by a Triumph 3 litre, SOHC, V8 engine that developed 145 bhp at 5500 rpm, and 167 ft/lbs of torque at 3500 rpm. Fitted with a 4-speed manual overdrive gearbox, an 8.8:1 compression, and two Zenith carbs (which replaced the original unreliable fuel injection), it produced a top speed of 115 mph, and 0-60 in 11.6 secs. It had 4 wheel independent suspension, front discs/rear drums, and a curb weight of 1275 kg. As a result of its problem-prone engine, only 25,877 units were built. More Classic Sports Cars @ http://tinyurl.com/mzus3an and http://tinyurl.com/moa9jpb
Image: Zack's Motor Photos
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