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Faller and Bucker
Manor House put a lot of work into producing a short story I did for them, "Faller and Bucker."  They're doing good work over there.  Check out some of the other episodes if you're looking for more dark fiction, and smash those like buttons.  If you want to...

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Hands from the Sky - Bewildering Stories Issue 637
I've been meaning to post some of the publications I made it into in 2015.  This is the problem with always being focused on the next project.  I actually made some decent progress in 2015 but I need to do a little bit of self promotion or at least acknowle...

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Indrid Cold, Indrid Cold

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#horror   #creepypasta   #fiction   #freeaudiobook

So here's a thing I made up just for fun.  SPoOoKY!

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It's been a little over two years now.  Thank you to the small pool of readers who've stuck with me.  In gratitude I offer the first book I did, "Beware the Well Fed Man" for free indefinitely on smashwords.

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Microfiction: Far-Sight Fred
BANX2017: You're the genius responsible for the braille on drive thru ATMs?

BULIFE2111: I told you this day would come.

BANX2017: You took a lot of flak for that, but... self-driving cars. Your foresight saved us a lot of money. We won't have to replace...

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Massacre Issue 5 Out Now
The Cathedral is out now in Massacre's fifth issue.  Reviews have been good so far, with The Cathedral getting a special mention from one.  Right now I have two pending publications, one in the genre of SciFi and another in horror. I've got still more to se...

Massacre mag just published issue 5 of its magazine with a short story I wrote a while back called "The Cathedral." Also included in this issue is Zach's story "Fox Glenn Road."

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     "Frank they're wasps." As soon as she said it I knew we were in trouble. I stood there watching morning shadows retreat across the porch, listening to my messages. And I heard those words again. She sounded distracted.      "Frank. Frank, they're wasps...

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Harlan Ellison is back, folks! UPDATE THY CHRISTMAS LIST!!!
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