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Looking for some help. I have a spreadsheet that has had one row of data deleted. Now the merge row and the data rows are out of sync. How can I get them to sync up again?

When I click on the extension nothing happens. It doesn't ask for permissions at all. any ideas?

This may be a silly question, but I can't find the answer anywhere. Can I send emails to more than 1 person by default? Seems like when I put in 2 email addresses to send the email to neither of them go. I've tried separating by commas and semi colons. Ideas?

Hello all, I have been having a number of copydown failures in the past 2 weeks. I get a notice to reset my formulas. I've don't this repeatedly and it continues. The formulas are all VLookup formulas and then Autocrat fails to merge. I can't seem to narrow down any specifics. Is there some updates or know issues?

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Are you interested in having your student do a podcast? Here is one school that did.  Read their story

More Research sites:

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Get your kids ready for research. There are some excellent kid friendly research sites that you can use in your class. 

contact your Ed Tech Coach if you don't know your building log on credentials.

I started using Kaizena a few weeks ago.  Today it is very different.  I can't wait to get in here and see how it has improved. 

“A community of practice is not just a Web site, a database, or a collection of best practices. It is a group of people who interact, learn together, build relationships, and in the process develop a sense of belonging and mutual commitment. Having others who share your overall view of the domain and yet bring their individual perspectives on any given problem creates a social learning system that goes beyond the sum of its parts” - Wenger, McDermott & Snyder, 2002, p. 34

I found this quote at the HWY21 PD and thought it was appropriate as we are starting this community and other learning.

What strikes me as innovative about badging is the idea that rather than working from a deficit model; what classes do you still need to take? It takes the approach that the learner already has skills or interests in an area. It allows the learner to demonstrate their understanding through an application rather than a fact recalling test, or a class that they don't really need. Imagine if people were allowed to show their understanding and then use their time to go even deeper into a topic of their choice.  What I find important about this concept is that it values learning rather than teaching. This will in turn put the pressure on the learner to demonstrate learning instead of seat time, where the teacher is responsible for seeing ways to look for learning. I especially thought this was relevant to the adult learner who was looking for a job. They have so many skills that given the opportunity to show it, would make them a valuable employee.
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