Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. is a UK company, it is registered with Companies House : 10524908

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. is an International security company dedicated to providing strategic security solutions to corporate and government agencies around the world at any time.

We offer comprehensive security solutions to every aspect of security - from corporate operations to executive personal protection and support to governments Worldwide.

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, we pursue innovation, we deploy imagination, we are open to new ideas and we act decisively with consistency.

We are determined to deliver service of the highest quality. Our firm operates a worldwide network of offices, contacts, and associates so our clients can further benefit from the extensive capabilities of our personnel built up through careers in the military, law enforcement, and intelligence-counter-intelligence services.

For Hiring Armed/Unarmed Executive VIP Personal Protection Security Professional Bodyguards, Close Protection And Private Chauffeur Services in London UK, Worldwide We have our UK Special Armed Forces from Professional Armed Forces working in London, UK 24/7. We are an International Security Company you can trust in a new country

Licensed & boned London private security guards, armed bodyguards to meet corporate & private security needs. Bad security service could be loss of your time and money. We have the best Personal Protection Security offers, expert armed and unarmed Executive/Personal Protection Agents, Personal Bodyguards, Personal Protection Officers/Operatives, and Transportation/Security Escort Services throughout the world. , Whether you require one close protection officer or a team of close protection operatives, we provide the best personal protection security operatives for VIPs, celebrities, executives, and other at-risk individuals needing specialized protective services Worldwide. Our objective is to keep you safe without compromising your privacy. Our officers are specially trained to identify and analyze any threats or issues that may arise, thereby preventing them from escalating..

We approach every assignment with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Many people think that hiring a personal protection bodyguard in London, UK, Worldwide is something that is outside of their budget, especially if they are not a celebrity. However, there are times when an individual will need a temporary close protection bodyguard and will want to hire one for a day in London, UK, Worldwide

If you are looking for someone to take care of your Event/Show/Festival Security in London, UK, Worldwide contact us now! Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. operational and management security teams are strategically drawn from the prime divisions of the UK, London City Police Department, the London UK Secret Service, British Special Forces, certified and licensed from SIA (Security Industry Authority) Spetsnaz Security International Services provides discreet confidential celebrity Close Protection Bodyguards, Personal Protection Services in London, UK, Worldwide. We also provide Special Event/Show/Festival Security Services; Executive Protection for Dignitaries, Diplomats, Ministers, Prime Ministers, Generals, Masons and Corporate Executives.. Your security coordination will be handled locally through our regional office when you have reached in London and if you are located Internationally, We will handle your security through our local associates or our regional office in your area.

Spetsnaz Security International Services focuses on the needs of clients in both professional and private settings. Whether on a short-term consultation or a long-term protection assignment, our integrated and highly discreet approach enables us to build client relationships that last. An extensive network of professional affiliations extends our capabilities nationally and internationally. In addition, the efficiency and effectiveness of our services are assured through a portfolio that includes: Movie Premieres, Art Exhibits, Conferences, Fashion Shows, After PartiesTrade, Shows, Movie Industry, Anti-Piracy, Store Openings, New Product Launches, Retail Store, Loss Prevention, Movie and Video Location, Security, Celebrity Bodyguards, Venue Security, Security Guard Services, High Rise Building Security, Corporate Headquarters, Security, London City Event Permitting, Executive Protection, Secure Executive Security, Family Security, Stalking Security, Production Sites.
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This breadth of knowledge, combined with our global reach, strength and wide practical experience, allows us to provide the highest quality security solutions Worldwide. Our comprehensive, outcome-oriented approach has built us reputation for consistently exceeding clients expectations. Now we are working with clients not only in the Russian Federation, but also in United States of America, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, China, United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) and other countries. Our operatives they are fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Macedonian languages. We are keen to communicate our new vision to our clients and together create innovative solutions Worldwide.

Our deal-making intelligence, market insight, risk management expertise, and global strength are instrumental in helping companies to achieve their strategic objectives.

At all levels of our organization, our people are what make us and define our reputation. We are extremely proud of our employees.

Our first-class staff reflects our continued commitment to quality. We employ rigorous recruitment procedures, followed by thorough training and testing. We provide capable, caring and demanding management, with an emphasis on staff welfare; ensure one of the lowest staff turnover rates within the industry.

Our Company offers a full service line that was designed to allow our firm to meet our clients every need. With this in mind, Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. has developed a complete security solution within one company. As a client of Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. you are entitled to expect personal protection service of the highest quality Worldwide. You will find that we are more than just a security company: we are an experienced and competent partner, who takes care of all your security requirements and is there to provide you with professional service whenever you need it. However, you choose to make use of our services, it is always the relationship of trust between yourself and our firm that forms the basis for optimal solutions.

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. provides security solutions to:

Hire Security For Federal, State and Local Governments in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For International Organizations 22 High Profile Individuals (category 1) in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Financial Institutions in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For TV & Film Industry 22 Museums and Art Galleries in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Medical Institutions in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Boutique Shops and Retail Establishments 22 Concert Arena's & Stadiums in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Night Clubs and Restaurants 22 Casinos and Gaming Resorts in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Car, Yacht and Airplane Dealers 22 Property Management Companies in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Private Estates & Gated Communities 22 Water Treatment Facilities in UK & Worldwide

Hire Security For Parking Facilities UK & Worldwide


For Hiring Armed-Unarmed Executive VIP Protection Security: London UK - Close Protection Bodyguards and Executive Close Protection and Bodyguards Services in London, UK, Worldwide Contact Us Now

Spetsnaz Security International Ltd. provide professional Personal Protection Officers and tailored Bodyguard Services, Close Protection Services, VIP Luxury Services, Security Consultancy in London, UK, Worldwide to corporate, high net worth and celebrity clients, clients from category 1, government departments and any legitimate persons requiring personal protective services Worldwide.
Contact us to find more details about our services.

If you are looking for Armed/Unarmed Executive VIP Close Protection Security Professional Bodyguards, Close Protection And Private Chauffeur Services personal protection bodyguard services in London UK, Worldwide , We provide High profile Bodyguard Services, Close Protection and VIP Security Services in London, UK & Worldwide. Our International office will organize the human resources, technical aspects and logistics required for each mission in coordination with our regional office, as well as coordinating the operation from beginning to end.

Your security coordination will be handled locally through our London, UK Based Close Protection Team when you have reached in London UK and if you are located Internationally, We will handle your security through our local associates or our regional office in your area.

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If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me via mobile (+44) 759.957.4524 or via email specnaz@hush.com to discuss any details that are unclear.

With hope for successful future cooperation.
I sincerely appreciate your business and hope that I will have an opportunity to work with you.
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Spetsnaz Security International Ltd.
Registered with companies house: #10524908

NIP: 8992783184
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