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Doc Cross
Gamer, Writer, Gardener, Dog Lover, Californian, Husband, Madman
Gamer, Writer, Gardener, Dog Lover, Californian, Husband, Madman

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If I can just get through today without collapsing from lack of sleep (Thank you, Winker) or killing somebody, then I can start my 4 day weekend.

New Doclopedia post on the Wordpress blog, new Dangerous entry on the LJ fiction blog. Time for showering, then off to work

This Friday will be the start of my 4 day mini-staycation. I'll mostly be writing, sleeping, gardening, walking, cooking, dog wrangling and more writing. Part of the writing theme involves figuring out which of the many Doclopedia/365 themes should be expanded and/or combined to make up the first for sale PDF product. So, do any of you have a suggestion? A theme you liked?

Yo, Homies! The final two entries for "Unexpected Places" just went up on the Dociverse blog over on Wordpress. Now I'm aiming to get a "Dangerous" entry up on the fiction blog, then write some other stuff. I have no idea what the next Doclopedia theme will be, but I'll be choosing it tonight.
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