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Daniel Endy

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The best photos from yesterday's PGS / Manhattan show.


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Daniel Endy

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The best shots of Throwback in action from yesterday's show. Some content for your Facebook page. :-)

Great seeing you guys. Best wishes in Pittsburgh!

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Daniel Endy

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Most beautiful, thank you....
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Daniel Endy

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This is the best article on VC investing mentality and startup pitching that I've read in a long time.
Investors Want Proof You’re High Fantasy
Recently, TechCrunch published a post presenting differing investment theories of those in venture capital, unicorns vs. dragons. In the article, an investor..
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Daniel Endy

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Absolutely fascinating and certainly the questions whose answers will lead to the long overdue next great leaps in physics.
The paradoxes that threaten to tear modern cosmology apart. The visible matter of the universe of which we can actually observe is only a 0.5% piece of the predicted matter content of the universe. The observed value of the cosmological constant is about 120 orders of magnitude smaller than what the theory predicts from the energy density of the physical vacuum.

There are discrepancies between observed and predicted galaxy density profiles. The number of number of observed satellite galaxies is too small compared to what theory predicts. A tight correlation between dark matter and baryons in galaxies has been observed which is not predicted by any theory.

Observations from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Two-degree-Field Galaxy Redshift Survey do not fit the theory of large scale galaxy formation. Observations of baryon acoustic oscillations in structures in the local Universe don't agree with what theory predicts. In the very deep galaxy surveys, quasi-stellar objects structures with sizes of about 500 megaparcecs (i.e. huge) exist, but are not predicted by any theory. In the cosmic microwave background radiation, there are problems with quadrupole and octopole observations disagreeing with what is predicted by theory, but I have no idea what CMBR quadrupole and octopole observations are about, so can't say anything about that. Anyway, theory fails to match observation of the universe at the largest scales.

The linear Hubble law implies homogeneity, but modern observations show the universe is fractal at large scales and inhomogeneous.

In General Relativity there are no concepts of energy-momentum density or energy quanta of the gravitational field, though field energy exists for all other fundamental physical interactions.

The concept of space expansion requires continuous creation of vacuum, which violates the principle of conservation of energy. Physical objects like particles, atoms, stars and galaxies do not expand, so inside these objects there is no space creation, so the creation of space must be a cosmological phenomenon which has not been tested yet in any physical laboratory. The cosmological redshift in expanding space is not the Doppler effect, but it is a new physical phenomenon which has never been tested in any lab.
Revolutions in science often come from the study of seemingly unresolvable paradoxes. An intense focus on these paradoxe…
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Daniel Endy

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Awesomeness! :-)

Daniel Endy

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Brothers In Harmony quartet, Gimme Four at the Quartet Prelims in Harrisburg last night. They sang an incredible set. 
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Daniel Endy

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Daniel Endy

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Electric is the future!
Electric Cars 2015
Update [December 31, 2014]: Since this article still gets a lot of traffic, rather than create an entirely new article for 2015, I'm simply changing this 2014 list to a 2015 list. Also, as I have d...
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Hand built a computer to win the 8th grade science fair in 1972. Starred in our High School musical my Freshman year. Worked at one of the first retail computer stores in Boston in 1979. Designed and built an incredible multi-platform reporting system with a team of 4 hand-picked geniuses in 1990. Started one of the very first web development firms in January of 1995 and grew to over 200 employees and IPO in 4.5 years. Invested in a SaaS startup bought by Dell in 2010. Helped build a startup sold to PNC Bank in only 3 years. Chairman of the 2010 Barbershop Harmony Society International convention hosting 8,000 people for a week at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.
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For the first time ever I am posting a negative review of a restaurant ... Went to Casey's with friends who have been going there for over 30 years. We didn't order anything special - in fact, didn't even make changes in the dishes we ordered - chicken pot pie, rice stir fry with shrimp and veggies, chicken parma sandwich and a corned beef special - took over 50 minutes for them to serve us. The waitress, while nice, seemed to have disappeared, to the point where my friend had to get up and ask why things were taking so long. Well, finally the food arrived - the corned beef special (my meal) had very little coleslaw and almost no Russian dressing - and it was ice cold ... really? The chicken parma sandwich was meh ... The only part of the service that was quick was when I had just taken my last bite and a young man grabbed my plate -- again, really? Then the rest of the the dirty plates remained on the table. We had to ask more than once for boxes for our leftovers. Again the waitress went awol - my friend had to get up to pay the bill. While the food was ok - the service sucked ... and the hostess couldn't have cared less ... Won't be going back there any time soon - that's for sure!
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Not recommended. The lobby seemed okay. We discovered that the neighborhood is so-so and that guests hang out by the front door till late smoking and jabbering. We were given a room on the first floor that was in somewhat rough shape. The pictures were missing from the walls. The room had a musty odor and the carpets in the room were worn and slightly tattered. The complementary breakfast was somewhat limited and sparse. We asked for assistance from the person on duty at the desk. They never delivered the requested item. The location is convenient to the highways, and the rate was very affordable, but we will not stay here again.
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Always friendly and helpful. Always well stocked with quality goods, plants, and surprising items. It's great to support a locally owned business.
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37 reviews
Never a bad meal!
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