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What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to BYOD?

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For me the biggest challenge today is not the technology, but to get others to realize that secuity boundaries are not physical anymore.
Its about being able to manage a widely open network and to have the tools to protect authorized users to connect securely to the virtual inner coorperate network, at any time, from any place and even from any device, without exposing any data to the physical device (Keep it Virtual - Stupid :) ).
So the biggest challenge is to move away from opening/closing ports on the edge, to defining new virtual boarders within - because BYOD has practically turned your old physical Inside into your new virtual Outside network.
For me the main challenge of BYOD is to protect companies data as good as possible on those devices and protect your network from those devices.
Another challenge is to raise the level of security awareness within your company without creating an inefficient BYOD environment.
I work for a large healthcare organization with an IT staff of 100+. The biggest challenge we have is preventing staff with knowledge of PSKs from sharing them with general staff. And once a general staff member has a PSK it gets passed around like candy. We do have WLANs setup for guest access and BYOD, but staff prefer the simplicity of the PSK WLANs. And unfortunately, these PSK networks access sensitive data.
I think that in BYOD ,organazation of data will be difficult but the biggest challenge is security information .
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