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auto-bio 9
There’s no poetic proof left over, but there were chunks
of those days, big chunks, that were anything but romantic. The parts I tend
not to mention were the excruciatingly painful blisters and agonizing muscle
pain from walking for hours on end without a r...

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auto-bio part 8
Since I was no longer a student
and I was mostly useless at bringing home a paycheque, I was often banned by my
father from entering his home. To this day I don’t know where he thought I went
or how I made a living. I never told him and he never asked. A fe...

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auto-bio part 7
Shortly after Diane, I ran into
some girls more my style. One had three years on me and the other had five.
Having a seventeen year old and nineteen year old girlfriend at the same time
when you`re fourteen seemed pretty good for the confidence level. I rem...

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auto-bio part 6
When I began high school after
that summer, I really didn’t give a shit about education anymore or trying to
perform for top grades. I never tried ever again. I had been quite good at academics and even though that was my one real shot at ever belonging, I

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auto-bio part 5
I took part in a spelling bee
when I was twelve, on the first day of grade 7. The teacher just wanted
to get an idea of what level we were all at. As soon as you spelled a word
wrong, you sat down. This went on until there was no one left standing other
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