Stacey was at home working on her story about the end of the world, the zombie apocalypse. She had been working on it from time to time, adding to it here and there, trying to coax it in to a really good novel.
Her favorite parts were when people got attacked by the zombies. She thought of some of her coworkers when she wrote those parts.

Like Bill.

Bill was a slob of a man dressed in clothes that were two sizes to small, he smelled weird and he kept hitting on her. He asked her for coffee once and when she turned him down he called her a bitch. Now he's always calling her names just under his breath, and he constantly rubs he belly while looking at her.

Bills death is going to be messy and painful she thought, and began to type.

Shortly after there was a loud bang outside her house that sounded like a car crash, and some screaming. Stacey grabbed her cell phone and went outside to see if anyone needed help.

No sooner did she step outside that a cat lunged right at her face, clawing and biting her. She managed to throw it down to the ground, and it hissed at her and attacked again but Stacey dodged and the cat landed in her house. She shut the door on it before it could attack again. She could hear it howling and scratching at the door like a beast possessed.

When Stacey turned to look at the street, saw the car wreck, body parts and blood everywhere. A little further on she saw a group of people attacking an elderly lady. Stacey instantly knew what was happening. She knew what was wrong with the cat and why it attacked her. She knew what was going to happen to her, and she knew there was no way to stop it.

She also knew where Bill lived, With a little luck she would get there just in time.
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