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Biked in. Warm again. Fast, hot ride. The AC at work is much appreciated. Happy Thursday. Hope everyone survived the fireworks without injury or loss!

Getting dark out there. a big T'under Boomer would be nice.

Biked in. Warm ride; and a bit dodgie. Lotts of walkers/joggers on the parkway; road was quite busy. But it's gonna be a 'nuther warm one today; they say over a hun'erd. Happy Tuesday! Happy Fourth of July Eve!

Biked in. Yet another boringly pleasant ride; sidetracked a little by a train running west through 'Tosa. But a good start to the day. Happy Monday.

Quote of the day:
"Many things can be preserved in alcohol. Dignity is not one of them."
as seen on twitter by @ShashiTharoor

Biked in. Mild morning, good ride. It's been a long June, and today it ends. Happy Friday. Bring on July!

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98 years ago, on this date in 1914, Crown Prince Ferdinand and his wife were murdered in Sarajevo, and the rest of the 20th Century was screwed.

Biked in. Warm ride, and there were lots of people out jogging/walking/running this morning. Probably gonna be too hot this afternoon to do it then. Happy Thursday.
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