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Patti Fantaske
Using my powers for good.
Using my powers for good.

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The Gift
One year ago today marked the start of my fight against breast cancer. On this "anniversary," I'd like to thank the many friends and family members who supported me through the year. One person in particular helped me get through the challenging times with ...

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Back on (the) Track
Jogging and exercise are my anti-cancer drugs. Well, my natural anti-cancer drugs. I have to take a prescription to prevent the return of breast cancer, so I'm exercising to improve my odds against it coming back. Period. After an unplanned, unwanted and ye...

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What Nobody Tells You about Getting Older
I've become expert at ignoring the things I don't wish to acknowledge. It's a gift. For a brief time, I'll set aside this gift to share another list of things that nobody tells you. Getting older is both amazing and frustrating, and someone should talk abou...

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What Nobody Tells You
Someone should write a book or a website titled, "What Nobody Tells You," update it every month, and make it required reading. Including a version with millions of subjects, searchable based on the user's current needs. Ok, that may be a bit ambitious. Howe...

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A New Normal
This post is especially difficult to write. In recent months, I've had a particularly hard time finding the right words, so I haven't said much. Today, I will attempt to do better. In December, a routine mammogram found a small mass in my breast and a biops...

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Try Try Again
Planning makes me feel happy. Powerful. In charge. It helps me to succeed at work, at home, and at play. Sometimes, even the best plans can go awry. The last several months, I've watched helplessly as some of my very finest projects unraveled. The ones that...

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Surely the Ice Age Cometh
Have you felt it? That weird shift in the balance of the universe and the slow creep of chilly undercurrents as hell has begun to freeze over? I can give you some insight into the cause. I've begun the Couch to 5K (C25K) program. Yes, you read that right. C...

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