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Diya Ramesh
I'm always the most dangerous thing to happen to myself
I'm always the most dangerous thing to happen to myself


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Gratitude in Interlude
I used to watch people. I used to watch married couples. Their smiles,  the small touches, the gestures,  secret kisses, unique embraces  The way they looked at each other.  I watched close friends, their practised banter inside jokes and interchangeable sp...

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Thanksgiving 2016
Driving out over the highway,  where the roads are long and broad and  never-ending.  I wanted them to go on forever,  simultaneously, the thought of walking someplace entirely new, getting lost with you lights speckling doorways and window awnings  neon si...

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October 17, 2016
Central Park was in the bloom of Autumn. it was very chilly, but not cold. Maybe because the sun was out. Possibly because I was holding your hand.  You didn't like the noise. Or the crowds. I could see the energy stealing yours. I was afraid to touch you. ...

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His chortle is ice, his touch a frost.  My arms pinned back in claws, he teases me- mirthless, Hissing sweet nothings in my ear-  “You’re useless, unloved. Tainted… “You will never mean something to someone.” I’m cold, but numbness won’t arrive to relieve m...

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This Dance
Fluid I move, fingertips cold,  raise arms and flow, move energies with force  that imperfection like art,  does not explode but slowly dissolves and ingrates with  the core of your being.  dance with me  slowly, and we’ll talk awhile, about magic and spiri...

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Sandy Hook, 2012
A/N: So back in 2012, I wasn't very familiar with current events and the like. So, I was oblivious during the time of the Newtown Sandy Hook shooting. Recently (VERY recently) I happened across a video that covered the whole story. After a little extra rese...

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A Reign of Fire (A Rain of Fire)
(Author's note- This poem may be hard to understand and I advise everyone to read the explanation in the ending after reading the poem once, and then rereading the poem a second time for deeper understanding) A silent night, peaceful and pleasant,  interrup...

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It's ok to Cry
Salty shine from within the eyes, are a common sight for most. but there is always the endangered human, who acts like they’re a ghost. She was one of the rare few, who hid behind her wall that was built into her system, she knew so well, she made sure no o...

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In the ocean mankind used
to stand, for we all start out as a
grain of sand. Until we transform to
someone grand, Like her, extraordinary
girl. And here is a story, a snippet of her life
journey, all part of her history, and how she dreamed of
becoming a pe...

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The Median Man
He used to be someone's wee little babe, soft, innocent and pure.  But now his eyes are a white ocean, with red currents and yellow bays.  His mouth slightly open, as if the wind has stolen his words. He is surrounded by two worlds, that flow in different d...
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